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General infos etc.
In general:
Please don't invite me to raffle or trade groups (or any kind of groups) without asking me in the first place!
I don't want to play mixes or lobbies!
If you want to talk to me go to teamspeak/mumble/discord or text me via steam!
Don't ask me how much are my pyro items/inventory worth!
My pyro stuffs are not for sale! (except if I say so)

Photoshop stuff:
Feel free to ask me to photoshop things the price will depends on who you are and how much work I have to put in order to finish it with quality

All of my artworks are edited by me


I can mentor anykind of pyro who are div2 or below in experience.

TF2 stuff:
Main:pyro (around 600 hours)
I reseted my stats so many times that I don't know the exact number.
Preference:flanking (can play with combo as well)
Competitive :

current teams:

hl:veni vidi vici
6'S tirtle tiger

hl:gentlemer'c union

szili:na jó anyád picsájáz hogy reflectelsz te így????

szili:I don't know what you did but you adapted something from Fallout,because you have anti-pipe perk.You got a direct pipe in mid air whithout taking damage!

king:ohhhh that solly! who fucked me in the ass a hundred times!

ken:álpáriság legáljá

guy1:why is even pyro exist?
-guy2: to annoy bad players like you

cooltroll: gambit you fucking pyro main weeb

heli:gambit more like shit (before the match) -

g△mbit | EF2L. org killed Cpt.Link with deflect_rocket (crit)
Cpt.Link : kys

g△mbit | killed Your trusty pocket cheese with world.
g△mbit | : rofl

kingorcoc: Gambit
."I quit pyro but not in 6s"
.Can't play officials because he's having sex
.10/10 Hungarian internet
.Voted best name (joint with kiiki)
."Good boy"

g△mbit| killed Sym with scattergun.
g△mbit| killed nyastral nyanfluences with scattergun.
DEAD g△mbit| : XDDXD
DEAD nyastral nyanfluences : who is this ki
DEAD nyastral nyanfluences :d

g△mbit| killed Savo with shotgun_pyro
*DEAD* Savo : fucking nigger

g△ mbit| killed kkketchup with scattergun.
*DEAD* kkketchup : you appear in the most random places

g△mbit | killed stinkyeseses with deflect_rocket. (crit)
*DEAD* stinkyeseses : dis dude cannot be hit by rockets

g△mbit killed STOUT SHAKO FOR 2 REFINED with scattergun.
DEAD STOUT SHAKO FOR 2 REFINED : gambit u son of a bitch
g△mbit : lmao

g△mbit killed magistr with degreaser.
DEAD magistr : wtf gaybit die
g△mbit : outta boy

♥♥QTーハニー♥♥ : Do they call you gambit because you only know cheap tricks

g△mbit killed Raptor with degreaser
*DEAD* Raptor : im bored of this ragepyro now
Raptor : wm1
g△mbit : madcuzbad
Raptor : no u
Raptor : thats why you RAGE pyro
g△mbit killed Raptor with shotgun_pyro.
*DEAD* Raptor : oh nicedude
*DEAD* Raptor : why dont you go sniper?

deadbit killed koylür with degreaser.
*DEAD* koylü : pssy#
Player koylü has left the game (disconnect by user)
deadbit : good boy

jking70 : seriously like uncle dane must like be taking gaming cheat pills or something
*DEAD* gambit : lmao
( my loadout [] similar to uncle dane's)

SN-01 : i sear to god he has some kind of hsck
*DEAD* gambit : who
meb : who?
SN-01 : the pyro cuz he never spy checks but only when im close he insta hits me without even checking

Matthew:ok what
g△mbit killed Matthew with degreaser
*DEAD* Matthew:gay pyro
g△mbit killed Matthew with world.
*DEAD*Matthew:isn't red pyro gay?
dreamer:is it that hard matthew ?
*DEAD*Matthew:yes with ur pyro
*DEAD*Matthew:u have a lot better team
dreamer:blame the enemy team
Matthew:im not blaming them
Matthew:im saying they are good
Matthew:tf is wrong with you
g△mbit killed Matthew with shotgun
*DEAD*Matthe:picking pyro
*DEAD*Matthew:good job
*DEAD*Matthew:pyro who's typing

gambit merc? killed yung orbitz with scattergun.
*DEAD* yung orbitz : gambit merc trash scout

gambit happyness² killed Daemon's Apprentice with world.
*DEAD* Daemon's Apprentice : dick head

Oda Nobunaga : this was ezz and cheater in red team
Oda Nobunaga : gambit is hacking
gambit : cheater?
Oda Nobunaga : look profile
gambit : lol
Oda Nobunaga : gambit aimboting
Dr.Carry : NAME
Oda Nobunaga : gambit
Oda Nobunaga : i see you have 0 hours

gambit killed outstanding move with tf_generic_bomb.
gambit killed Pikts with tf_generic_bomb.
*DEAD* gambit : rofl
*DEAD* outstanding move : pyro please commint altf4

gambit killed Pandalord9001 with tf_pumpkin_bomb.

gambit killed arctic with shotgun_pyro.
DEAD* arctic : FUCK you pyro
after the match arctic : fuck you gambit

gambit killed Scary Cunt with shotgun_pyro.
*DEAD* Scary Cunt : kys
*DEAD* Scary Cunt : nigger

-got into lucky luke's video
-First frag movie is out:
-play of the month 6th place also lucky luke
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gambit Mar 17 @ 1:28pm 
thanks jamaal if you'd read it carefully it says pyro but yeah sure I'd share my non existent soldier skills
jamaal Mar 17 @ 8:16am 
can u mentor me on soldier?
gambit Mar 14 @ 2:17pm 
shut up glowniger
brony_leader69YT Mar 14 @ 12:23pm 
happy birthday normie
gambit Mar 14 @ 11:53am 
it's on the 18th but thanks