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Im a Hoppou now.
-Games I Play Usually-

VRChat - The community is absolutely amazing here, you wont regret jumping in, I promise you.

League of Legends - Top/Mid/Support Main (Riven, Garen, Annie, Syndra, Sona, Leona)

Archerage Private Server - Laughing Coffin Guild (I know, dont laugh, its a WIP name) level 55 Mage.

Spiral Knights - IGN : BiooBorg 5* Knight : Legoland Guild

Dota 2 - Still Pending on Current Role

Counter Strike Global Offensive - I suck at this game now

Warframe - Casual Player my Dood

Project Zomboid - I am absolutely terrible with this game.

I'm a dude.
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❆ MysticalCyan ❆ Jul 11 @ 9:17pm 
Ima eat you and shove your cookie♥♥♥♥♥in my icecream ya♥♥♥♥♥♥boot.

I know, love ya Senor <3
Señor OreoBunz Jul 11 @ 12:33pm 
bruh going outside in vrchat doesnt count lol

is jus meme this time pls no get upset
Okami Amaterasu Jul 11 @ 10:45am 
❆ MysticalCyan ❆ Jul 11 @ 8:02am 
I do go outside♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥>:C
Señor OreoBunz Jul 10 @ 8:46pm 
bruh take off the VR headset and go outside omg
Herah Mar 31 @ 10:43am 
The weekend is finally here!! Time to plan our activities.
Breakfast: :orangehalf::banana::donuts:&:milkof:
Work in the garden: :redtulip::2016villain::pinktulip::bundleoftulips:
Lunch: :pizza::fastfood:
Play with the :cats99::spacekitten::2017cat::2017catheart::2016imnotcrying: for a while
Dinner: :hambone::iambread: & a nice salad with :geniuscheese::carrottrh::tomred::oniyo:
Walk the: :puglife::merrypugmas::boozehound::dante:
Settle in for some :controller: I hope your game time includes lots of :5in1wp1::Karaboom::satan::ammobox::nelson::dstskull::dubwarsship::byte::tongue::bteddy::PineappleGrenade::pokerchips::ceratosaurus::greenzombie:
& lots of :imrich::redlupgem::overdollar::dollarcash::moneyhungry:
Game on and have a great weekend!