|51st|.Lt.Col.Homicidal Puppy
Gabriel   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
51st Regiment OG straight out of Battlegrounds 2.

On the online world I am internet regimental officer in a Napoleonic Era war game. If you don't know what this means, think carefully if you really want to.
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The old one. The real one.
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Homicidal HoffieBi Jul 9 @ 2:52pm 
Dong Chow
Homicidal HoffieBi Jun 22 @ 11:57pm 
This guy is a good friend of mine i admit it and hes a very good nurse but if i could change one thing it would be that i found out he was asian from the start so im warning all people this man is asian ASIAN
|51st|.Capt.MarkvA May 27 @ 7:26pm 
It was Hades, you fool
Homicidal HoffieBi May 27 @ 4:40pm 
Beaten in mowas by MarkVA,Melchett,Hoffie,randoforgotmember,patton
Homicidal HoffieBi May 27 @ 9:35am 
worker bees are the ultimate simp they spend their whole life donating pollen for the queen bee that probably doesn't even acknowledge their existence(she's literally their queen) and ensure their queen's children and larvae remain safe at all times. all while having 0 chance as they are literally being unable to reproduce these people donating $100 a month to pokimane are nothing compared to the omegasimp known as the worker bee