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Kurasu tengu can eat it

pretty fun though
Posted April 19.
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Absolutely fantastic game with a high skill cap for decision making and micro management. Not that it's meant to but I think it serves as a good gateway to other games with heavier micromanagement aspects.

By itself, it stands as a frantic, fast paced game, and yet slow and methodical. With a vast array of ships to choose, from ships made around the concept of boarding the enemy with your units, to defensive ships with strong, near impenetrable shields, to all out offensive laser ships, you can really play this game how you choose.

Along with this, the atmosphere, music and tone of this game is fantastic. I really buy into the universe I'm in, even though it isn't particularly deep lore wise I still feel like I'm in a solar system with various races that I don't fully understand, but from their attitudes and skills I get a grasp of their cultures and their outlooks on space exploration and combat. This is also well highlighted by the type of zone they control, hostile, friendly, etc. The music deserves praise because it really makes the game for me. In combat sections it really drives home the gravity and importance to your survival. On top of this it seems to transition beautifully between it's energy filled combat themes and it's calm, relaxed exploration themes.

Overall I think this game is amazing and has given me a ton of playtime that I still enjoy playing to this day. I don't like assigning numbers so I won't do that, but if I had to use a single word to describe my experience with this game, it'd be fantastic. At 10 dollars this game is an absolute steal. Do yourself a favor, and pick this game up.
Posted March 26, 2017.
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