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Personal Achievements

Grey Strong Cube

Find the Grey Strong Cube!

TwoWay Triggers

Use TwoWay Triggers for the First Time!

Morphing Portal

Use Morphing Portal for the First Time!


Collect Your First Bolt!


Find the Zbot Enemies!

Electric Cage

Die Intentionally, with the first Electric Cage!

Gravity Bots

Find the Gravity Bot!


Find the Lasers!

Laser Deflectors

Find the Laser Deflector!


Locate the Mines!

Master Cannon

Use Master Cannon for the First Time!

Watch Tower

Find the Second Watch Tower!


Find and Kill the Second Dynamitor!

Collect 25 Bolts

Unlock Desert World by collecting 25 Bolts!

Mega Zbot

Play the Forest Boss Level

Mega Dynamitor

Play the Desert Boss Level

Defeat Mega Zbot

Kill the Mega Zbot

Defeat Mega Dynamitor

Kill the Mega Dynamitor