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I'm a worthless sack of shit really but welcome to my profile.

Discord: Hidden#9430

BattleNet: Hidden#12969

PSN: HiddenQuasar12

Mod at the Official Mei Mains Discord
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Admin of T.H.A.B. Garry's Mod servers, look in my groups for the Steam Group

"I want to become the shield that protects you." ~Ameila, Fire Emblem Heroes

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Hey, just call me Hidden, guess i'll just tell a little bit of myself.

I am a guy

Some Interests I have are Pokemon, D&D 5th Edition, Fire Emblem(as obivous as it is), Puzzle and Dragons, very few Animes, Nintendo, there's more but I cant think of any more top of my head

I'm trying to be a Graphic Designer as a career

My favortie games on Steam right now are G-Mod, A Hat in time, Binding of Issac, and Pixel Graphic games. Got any suggestions please tell me!

I do have a PS4 and a 3DS with Smash 4

Only thing i play with Blizzard is Overwatch

Uhh I think that's all I have for now... If you wanna add me at least leave a comment or something.

Have a good day everyone


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smells like butter but the melted type
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