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Open for Business

You pulled the lever. You got an achievement. This is a good game. 5/5.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 1:13am

Shitty Music

"You played shitty music" he said. And he was trying to be polite.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 1:15am

Literally Shitty Music

What exactly did you expect to happen?
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 1:24am

Gone Shopping

Power up! Money... down.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 1:15am

City Music

Congrats! You played "City" music. We mean, music that the city likes!
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 1:57am

The Real DJ

Every good DJ should be lost inside the folders of the filesystem once in a while.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 1:11am

Bachelor of DJing

You're scratching... your way through education!

It's Over 9000!

So... much... money....