J.   New Jersey, United States
Basically I cheat:claugh:

I'm a hard mother trucker and don't let anyone tell you different.

Favorite Survivor: Bill
Favorite Class: Engineer:sentry: and Spy:spycon:
Favorite Infected: Hunter:witch:

I micspam a little, people say I'm awesome when I do.:demoticon:

-You may also know me as-
Julie Brown✿:balloonicorn:


3:59 AM - J²: Jae
3:59 AM - J²: http://i.imgur.com/qEKDq.jpg
3:59 AM - J²: whats the diagnosis
3:59 AM - Not Rarity: didn't have an ubercharge ready in time

8:08 PM - Not Rarity: welcome fack

5:43 PM - Mickey the Dick: lol
5:43 PM - Mickey the Dick: gril chan
5:45 PM - Herpster: i like me some grill chan
5:45 PM - Herpster: desu burgers
5:45 PM - Herpster: kawaii dogs
5:45 PM - Mickey the Dick: lol

5:48 AM - J.(재혁의 아내): hey hoi
5:48 PM - Hoi: SubtleJ

12:19 AM - hoi: when J plays spy http://puu.sh/70qxi.jpeg

8:06 PM - ✿Julie Brown✿: The soldier gets the compatriot as a head
8:07 PM - The Supreem Burd: i can not only have freedom on my shoulders but i can BE freedom

10:20 PM - Panemaceous: sadly sometimes we're too busy being gay to focus

1:40 PM - A1_Steak_Sauce: use me

6:49 PM - Tebby: I just like to show you off and make ppl jealous
6:49 PM - Tebby: Because your amazng

11:27 PM - crispy: maybe he should stop being a little bitch

Bearface on anything ever:
8:16 AM - B⁴: Huh?
8:16 AM - Julie Brown✿: nevermind
8:16 AM - Julie Brown✿: Limbo sticks are abundant today
8:16 AM - B⁴: Wot...

11:26 PM - Tebby: would be better if we were sharks

12:16 AM - crispy: if you only watch one video of cardboard Jesus watching a decapitation, make it that one

7:14 AM - Blueportal: but hey you said you cheat on people "Basically I cheat"

11:30 PM - Up all night to get spooky: http://whatisthishowigethere.corgiorgy.com/
11:30 PM - Jay: what is this
11:30 PM - Up all night to get spooky: that is the url yes
11:30 PM - Jay: lmao

2:25 AM - crispy (1): some kinda bum vampire
2:26 AM - 👻Up all night to get spooky💀: you're that ninja
2:26 AM - 👻Up all night to get spooky💀: 2nd floor basement?
2:26 AM - crispy (1): lol

5:14 PM - J.: Honestly you know what people complaining about spy are really saying
5:15 PM - J.: "Krillin killed me and should be nerfed"
5:15 PM - J.: "I got killed by Krillin"
5:15 PM - J.: "I suck ass at tf2"
5:15 PM - Blueportal: if "krillin" is killing you thats when you know you fucked up
5:16 PM - J.: so who's pyro?
5:16 PM - J.: 1 step up from krillin?
5:16 PM - Blueportal: ohhh whats his name one sec
5:16 PM - Blueportal: chaozu, he just runs in and kills him self and hopes he gets other people
5:17 PM - J.: haha
5:17 PM - J.: unfortunately Napvy was overhealed

My relationship with Blue:
11:55 PM - Blueportal: why!
Cuda wants to be here too but I'm not that easy.

Special Thanks To:
Panther Duck for Terraria :D
Teddeh for Monday Night Combat and Capsized <3
Dotx for Deus:Ex :D
Josh for Post Apoctalyptic Mayhem :)
DJ Demo for gifting me Magicka :>
and Renon for Just Cause 2 :]

*And a very special shoutout to Jae, Joe, Teddy, and Chris for helping me aquire my dream hat* Merry Christmas Guys!

I tend to lerp the yerp. It's pretty underground though so you probably never herped of it.

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alias Nov 2 @ 3:08pm 
don't even know why i have you on your friends list but you look cool
+rep because why not
I do not like feet!!!!!!!! Sep 24 @ 8:20pm 
aimbot as sniper
incredibly toxic
throws in HL
Trash spy
5 things that don't describe u <3
Mumbly Sep 20 @ 7:27pm 
Not sure if I’ve already asked you but are you sellingh your die job spy unusual? (Added you to maybe discuss it)
Volans Aug 16 @ 9:24pm 
Well so is GTA V, want a GTA quote instead?
J. Aug 16 @ 8:09am 
Zedla’s for nerds Volans
Volans Aug 16 @ 12:39am 
Tell me… Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? They say it’s the only time when our world intersects with theirs… The only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits who have left our world. That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight…