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-Best conversation I've had with my best friend.

Its a hefty price to get off this list...
List Can Be Continued On Alt: BlueCladBoy
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F I G H T E R ' S H O N O R.
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Welcome to this Steam Profile! (AND READ BELOW!)
Information :ftlslug:

I'm just that person that might make your day better or if you're a prick, your day will just be worse. If you are part of the first half, you will have a great time with me. The games I play the most is Astroflux, Garry's Mod, and Team Fortress 2. Right now I'm on the search of good friends I know in the real world. Sometimes I find my own friends to be a bit... EVIL.

What I like to do :steammocking:

I really like to spend time with my very best friends. Especially when I talk to them. Yes of course I like to play video games especially on Steam and such. The last thing I really like to do is listen to music especially from Ace Combat. I like space things apparently. (So I play games about it I guess. Yes? No? What? Uhhh...) Anyways, moving on...

Statuses :steambored:

In-Game: Playing a game... I most likely will respond. Otherwise I am afk in a game.
Online: Probably playing a different game. May respond.
Away: Probably busy doing something or idling.
Offline: Probably sleeping or doesn't want to be disurbed.

Trading :crate:

I don't do middleman trading, I don't do any type of money trading, I don't do any sort of bot trading (apart from ), and I don't trade with scammers.... any scammers WILL be put on KOS. I'll try my best to be even good and even as possible on any trade I do.

Friending Me :steamhappy:

I don't take random friend requests. Yes, really. There has to be a REASON to why you added me as a friend. I DON'T ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS JUST FOR TRADING.
Im NOT interested in partners... I already have my own interests thank you very much. If you really need to add me, tell me in the comments.

For All Haters :steamsalty:

Go to hell. Go ahead and hate... but later you'll regret about hating me and other people. So please, don't be that salty kid on the internet. Get an actual life and stop bothering me with you nonsense. And please, quit complaining. Seriously.

Kill On Sight Policy
Anyone that breaks the rules in whatever I am doing, they shall be added and be killed anytime they are seen. There is always going to be a reason as well if you get added to this list. Friends may also ask who they want to add to the list. You can get off this list by doing good deeds or paying up to a key. The price always varies in what you did and how bad it was. If you want someone YOU dont like to be killed on sight for a time, it will be 1 Refined per 20 minutes. No friend shall be added onto the list.

Thank You Very Much.

Have a nice day all

Oh yeah, this guy has seemed to try to steal my name. He isn't me for your information. This is to let you know.

Because someone wanted to know the specs I have on the computer I'm using.

UX330UAK Signature Edition

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.71 GHz

Installed RAM: 8.00 GB

System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor



Oh yeah, this is the continuation of the Kill On Sight List

Also, don't post all of that random "post this on this many profiles or this will happen to you!" kind of thing. it will be deleted first thing.

Our Community is very nice.
I've met too many people that complain (sometimes about me) about small things. One said I shouldn't be talking and he is wrong no kidding. So called "Community. "

"So they say to never give up. They say to try harder... But if it sends us into oblivion, why are we trying? We may only be guided into success. Otherwise you're asking for a death with." -Me, who else?
What are you going to do in this solution?

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Vignette Aug 10 @ 5:24pm 
Go to hell. Go ahead and hate... but later you'll regret about hating me and other people. So please, don't be that salty kid on the internet. Get an actual life and stop bothering me with you nonsense. And please, quit complaining. Seriously.
creeperhuggerXD Aug 2 @ 9:45pm 
Not to bother you, but if you dont accept the invite, i understand. just needed to ask like 2 questions
Thrillbeatzz97 May 17 @ 2:35pm 
this sucks
TheTrueRealDak™ May 17 @ 2:34pm 
Yep, server is broken. xd
Thrillbeatzz97 May 17 @ 2:33pm 
you got banned too?
TheTrueRealDak™ Jan 24 @ 2:41pm