Greater London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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About me

Game ban is on Rust for using an AK Recoil Macro, big mistake but shouldn't be perm bannable.

Nationality: British Tunisian

Ethnicity: British White

Furries and Weebs are allowed to socialise with and add me as long as you don't practise it infront of me I don't care.

If you're adding me to trade then you're adding the wrong profile, I don't do trades sorry.

Feel free to add me whatever your level, VAC or Game ban status is. I will accept anyone


PC Gaming, IT/Computing, Trains/Public Transportation, Travelling and visiting different countries.

Coding Languages: Lua (Basic), Gmod Expression 2 (Intermediate), C++ (Very Basic).

Favorite Trains


Class 166 (Diesel Multiple Unit) (GWR)


Class 168 (Diesel Multiple Unit) (Chiltern Railways)


Class 43 (Diesel Electric) (High Speed) (GWR)


London Underground S Stock (Electric) (Metropolitan, Circle, District and Victoria Lines)


London Underground D Stock (Electric) (Retired) (Used for Rail Adhesion)



Moscow Metro: 81-717 (Electric)


Moscow Metro: 81-720 (Electric)



17 (18 in 2 months from now)

Games (Dislikes and Likes)

My active games: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SIege, Garry's Mod and Modded Minecraft

Games I like: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Garry's Mod, Fallout 4 and New Vegas, Half Life 2 + Episodes, Metro Series (2033, Last Light), Synergy, War Thunder, Modded Minecraft (Basically the adult version of Minecraft).

Games I Dislike: Roblox, Vanilla Minecraft (Minecraft without mods), League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Overwatch. (SO DON'T ASK ME TO PLAY THEM!!)


Been to: England (birthplace), Tunisia, Cicily (Italian island), Canary islands (Spanish islands).

I would to visit: Japan, China, Russia, France, South Korea, Sweden, Canada, Ireland, and Poland.

I prefer to avoid: Israel and North Korea.


Likes: Hardbass, Dubstep & Trance

Dislikes: Pop


Can speak: English

Would like to learn: Arabic, French & Russian


Current: None


Train Driver: Driving trains, above average salery. (British Rail or Underground)

Train Station Customer Service Assistant: Train related, above average salery.

Train Signaller, Controller: Train related, above average salery.

Coding Developer: Good money, possibly working from home.

PC Specs and Peripherals


Motherboard: ASUS B85M-G

CPU: Intel Core I5 4460

Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 TI

Case: Zalman Z11

Storage: 240 GB Kingston SSD + Random 1TB HDD.

RAM: 1x 8 GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3-1600

PSU: Cooler Master 500W Silver


Mouse: Logitech G502: https://amzn.to/2L0nZfA

Mousepad: SteelSeries Small

Keyboard: Trust 20623: https://amzn.to/2z2FCG3

Monitor: AOC E2470Sw: https://amzn.to/2KYGDV1 (MAX 75 HZ)

Microphone: Blue Yeti: https://amzn.to/2yLlEiZ

Headphones: Klim Impact: https://amzn.to/2CSXp6V

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What does your friend CMDR Voltages|Eesti Vabariik100
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