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This is one of my favorite story-rich titles of all-time. Excellent main character both in representation and in execution, extremely relatable and loveable cast of surrounding characters, great hacking and stealth gameplay, a nice capture of the city of San Francisco and the surrounding areas of Palo Alto, Oakland and the Stanford campus, and top tier graphics of of its time to top it off. The driving mechanics, something that I pay attention to and critique in the realistic open world games that I play, are good, decent enough for what it is. The soundtrack is also well curated and has a pretty ride range of genres. Shout out to Day Wave, his track "Hard To Read" from his Hard To Read EP is one of the songs that I return to the most and that entire EP is one that I listened to after beating the game and thoroughly enjoyed. Skylar Spence's "Fiona Coyne" is a good track as well. I shouldn't leave out Boy George and his group Culture Club's classic hit "Miss Me Blind", great addition to the game.

This game touches on many ethical aspects of the technology and AI industries, ranging from data manipulation to privacy. The game has subtle references to companies like Facebook and Google and their experiences with the aforementioned issues. There is also a section of the story dealing with a cult, religious if I remember correctly. The story itself is extremely captivating from start to finish and the characters feel like a real family, going at it against Big Tech and defeating the monopoly that they have over the citizens data. The hacking is fluid, albeit a bit unrealistic, but it is a video game isn't it? The Quadrocopter (I hope I remembered that correctly) is a MUST in this game and makes doing missions and examining entry and exit points to attack from much easier. I would definitely recommend any new player picking up this game to save up for one of those as quick as possible. Also, don't bother saving up for a fancy assault rifle or shotgun, the game basically punishes you for using guns by sending a wave of armored cops immediately to your location. In some rare occasions (The Alcatraz mission, for instance) using guns is actually a viable option as it is pretty easy to escape their waves through the different levels of the building and the island itself. There are still helicopters to look out for though, so it's best to stick to the stealthy, "take 'em out one-by-one" approach. One mission I found a bit weird was the one towards the end where you take money from numerous people, testing out a DedSec recruit's ATM hack. I found that you would take money from almost every person who walked up to the booth, some of them much less deserving of the theft than others. Adding onto that, the one person you give money to was extremely rude and undeserving of the free gift in my opinion. That mission threw me off, I felt that it should be mentioned. It may not give you that same effect as it did for me, who knows. Overall though, the story and gameplay were very well hashed out and executed. It's one of those games where, with the dialogue and in the cutscenes, I just couldn't hold myself back from smiling.

I really would like to reiterate my absolute appreciation and love of the characters in this game, the entire crew. As a black man who is deeply interested in technology, it is nice and quite refreshing to see them accurately capture a good group of relatable characters for this game. The main character, Marcus, is one of the (probably the, if I am being honest) best representation of a black male in a video game that I have seen. He's not a parody of one or a satirical version, which is seen all too much. He's intelligent, charismatic, humorous and fun to be around. He is also extremely self-aware and knows what he wants not only for himself and his group of friends but also for the world around him. Sitara is the extremely artistic, hard working, focused leader of the group and her and Marcus' chemistry is amazing to see. Wrench is a loveable sidekick chock full of funny jokes, dark humor and ambition. Josh is extremely intelligent and sweet, fitting perfect in the group as the hard worker behind the curtains. I'm sure many people in the industry know someone like Wrench or Josh or are one themselves, I definitely do. Horatio is another black character in the game and, alongside Marcus, is another good representation of an average black male. He is a member of the DedSec group as well as a DJ and he has audio tapes scattered around the Hackerspace where he gives more insight to each of the members of the group. There is a great mission in the game where Marcus and Horatio reference code switching and dealing with being the minority in a mostly White community, both in the workplace and in the area that they live / work in. It's things like that that make this game so great to me and I cannot stress it enough. Well done and hats off to Ubisoft for making such an excellent game. 10/10 from me.
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