~A cute little fur in   Singapore
i haz hat?

Map Creator of dr_dangerzone
I regret nothing

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Competitive History

Played main Heavy in Cryo (Season 24 UGC SEA HL)(steel)
Played main Heavy in Cryo (Season 25 UGC SEA HL)(4th place Plat)
Played Pocket Scout in High on Drugs (AsiaFortress LAN 2018)
Played Heavy in Klass9 (Respawn league asia)(2nd place) THOSE DANG KOREANS
Currently Playing Main Heavy in Klass9
(UGC SEA HL S27 and in Respawn League HL)

p.s my artwork section is filled with my degeneracy. Enter at ur own risk :cozysmitedaji:

*DEAD* forget about life for a while : CH is the magical furry hero we never knew we needed
*DEAD* forget about life for a while : Oh, I'm sorry. Magical pirate furry hero

Sonan X : hit or yiff i guess they never yiff huh you got a furfriend i bet he doesnt knot ya *pop*
Sonan X : he gon glomp another girl and he wont miss ya he gon pounce and go owo like what

axolotl : Big brother I want you to give me your big juicy thick dick and drench me with your hot sticky cum until i'm gasping for air!

KoKo : guys watch out is furry heavy

*DEAD* IcyFallers : good map dude

*DEAD* GodonRamey (ColigFudent) : oof theres a furry on the blue team
GodonRamey (ColigFudent) : and its the one with the most score lmao

*DEAD* Begone THOUGHT : ch you fucking god

*DEAD* [Member] ^red. : no ch youre map is the most fun one

bRandom : CH you're very good tho

Nikowari : nice oc CH

Spooky Pumpkin Pie : Still nice fursona CH

*DEAD* Stoneman : Spectated CH, no signs of hacking
*DEAD* Stoneman : CH, i respect heavy mains <3

*DEAD* vhite : i died to a furry

(TEAM) MonsterKing PANDAzilla : thanks for the carry

random reviewer : CH has Hax
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Sonan X 21 hours ago 
hit or yiff
RefinedLight|TF2SP Dec 8 @ 2:30am 
Cute pfp :D
CH Dec 4 @ 6:29am 
^w^ :D:
^red. Dec 4 @ 6:02am 
still has the best deathrun map :happyrandy::kb2_heart:
Guys, December! Nov 8 @ 2:10am 
+rep for amazing soldier gameplay on sunshine. nice work!
Stoneman Oct 26 @ 11:02pm 
Pure skill, what a gamer