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Octane   Ontario, Canada
That's why they call me bad company

I don't accept random friend requests that are not accompanied by comments.

I'm a Tow Truck driver, apprentice Mechanic, and general goof when it comes to finding things to do. I uphold an amateur YouTube channel in my spare time, but mostly just play Magic the Gathering, fix stuff, and listen to music.

Team Fortress 2, Elite Dangerous, Starbound, and Grand Theft Auto 5 are my poison. I love those games to death. Feel free to add me if you'd like to play together some time.

Stuff to check out:

Furaffinity [www.furaffinity.net]

TF2 Backpack [backpack.tf]

Steamrep [rep.tf]

The Knights of Commerce (EDDB) [eddb.io]

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im trying 2 call u the f word but steam keeps censoring me
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But can sharks have 2 tails?