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[For the Profilename a information: "Black" as in Dark]

Well hello there dear visitor. Welcome to my profile. If you read this and want to trade something with me then please write something into my little chatbox before adding me. This makes it much easier for me to see if you are a bot or not.

But just in case you wonder about what i am willing to trade: Nothing from my TF2 game will be traded away for a reason.

I am not playing the game anymore but incase i come back to it at times i still want to use the things i had before. If i ever come around to actually trade them away then that is how it is.
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VA-11 Hal-A

A game best to be played in a dark room all by yourself. Lean back and drink your favorite Drink while reading up on the story the game provides and mix drinks for your customers. The better the drinks the better your customers feel. And the better they feel, the better you feel as well.

As I began playing this I expected something like "Waifu Drinking Simulator". But instead this game is very well written and actually very entertaining. I did not expect on my first time to play it for this long. Every time I thought: "Ima shut it off now." But instead I kept playing.

If you are into reading with a slight minigame every now and then you are in for a treat. The visuals are great, the writing it top notch and very interesting and the characters are amazing just as well. If it wasnt for Undertale this already would get my Top 1 spot. But clearly Undertale has that for a long while. I would put this right behind it on the second spot of "Best Games I have played".

I say: Buy it and try it.
mikelorme Jul 13 @ 4:51am 
same as the other 2 guys said before me
InfectedAlecEmerald Jul 12 @ 8:34pm 
Vvvv what Deadshot said
[LM]Deadshot Jul 12 @ 7:16pm 
Saw your recent post on the TF2 forums, preach it man. The community needs a wakeup call.
Tenninch Jul 11 @ 3:41pm 
Cool guy, few dudes that are actually as cool as him in MvM.
Big Kahuna Burger Apr 17 @ 5:23am 
Its A Lag-Spike Apr 14 @ 2:13pm 
+rep was searching for a list of compliments, unfortunately I didn’t find anything that is even close to what this guy is

10/10 would friend again