Noor   New Jersey, United States
Btag Noor#11634 :: Discord Noor#8318
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Gen6 nostalgia aficionado. I play casually and primarily solo. Prefer fighting, action, J-RPG, and MMORPG.

Trash casual in fighting games. Baiken @ GG, Makoto+Bullet @ Blazblue, Menat+Cammy @ SF, Leona+Whip+Najd+Kula @ KoF, Alisa @ Tekken.

Overwatch as a sub-par D.Va, Pharah, Sombra, Mercy, Widow, Bastion, and Zenny.

FFxiv NIN, MNK, SAM, BRD, PAL on Balmung, Mateus, Midgardsormr, Adamantoise
WoW Enh, WW, Havoc, Fury, Surv, Mut Protadin on retail MG, Dragonblight, and SWC, plus Classic, TBC, WotLK, and MoP private servers
Tera Valk & Gunner on Ascension Valley
Black Desert Valk, Kuno, and Mystic.

Senran Kagura: Waifu Versus mains are Hikage, Ikaruga, Kanu, and Ryofu.
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