Fire Hot, Me Throw rock at it
Currently needing help fixing internet issue's   Drenthe, Netherlands
have 9k hours in game.. still shit at it.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ public enemy memelord
Genuine Lover Stalin and ofc Pootin

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, if i call out the sniper dat is on SAID china like a normal individual, and like 3 other people do the SAME EXACT FUCKING THING! (In a autistic manner you mind) even though i said it first.
can i
A: punch em in the nose
B: spam voice with
C: Professionals have standards! Be polite, Be efficient have plan to kick out everyone in the team you meet

If you have something to not worry about, dont worry about it. ~ Fluffy's speech exp level raised by 5xp |505--------------------------600

Some very funny video's!

May i have your un used itemssssss?????? =reaction

How i feel everytime when i join an useless team

ahhh sweet flame wars witha twist of pepsi <3
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Some stuff for other needed stuff :3

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Season 14 OPEN HL Majestic Casuals 2nd place!
Season 17 MID HL Mouse2Uber Participation
Season 18 Open HL Dont Let My Gun Die in Vain Participation
Season 2 Div-2 Blue !logs Participation
Season 2 Freshmeat Amateur !Logs 1st Place!
Season 3 Div 2 Mouse2Uber Participation
Season 23 Steel Majestic Casuals Participation
Season 24 Steel Concerned Christian Mothers Participation
Season 25 Silver Concerned Christian Mothers Participation
Season 26 Main EU Ladies and Gentleman Participation (i think? really dont care tbh)
HLmixes Showdown Participation<- worst match i've ever had! now i got a medal to remind me of it
RGL Exp HL #1 Open-B Nine Guys Fraggers and Fries Participation
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Neato :D
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offer send for yeeter
@ofp | Buying QS SPELLS Accept my add i'll show the offer, i miscounted it's 35.
do pls sent offer image