I don't know and i don't live in   Philippines
<A loser:derp:
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Times i made Salty bois ragequits: 5

Cont. of quotes

[Owner] Wolvindra-Vinzuerio: what the fuck

Burite: who dafuq use cheat engine nowaday
「Sceptile」: me
Burite: why use cheatengine nowaday
Burite: to hack roblox?
「Sceptile」: howd' you know
Burite: cuz fookin roblox keep spammin me that my child is currently usin a ''illegal program to cheat the system''
Burite: how dafuq did u get my email in there
Burite: not only u hackin roblox
「Sceptile」: A magician never reveals his secrets
Burite: but u put me as ur parental guidence

『Healpack』 : Why y'all both have the same nose in your profile pics

『Healpack』 : Imma pretend i'm in a chair

『Healpack』 : Holy shit what the hell

『Healpack』 : lmao rip

『Healpack』 : Why y'all both have the same nose in your profile pics

POH TAH TOH : 2 spies in a tank wave
POH TAH TOH : this is all we needed
Eyepatch : its gotta work
POH TAH TOH : yeah backstab it

POH TAH TOH : damn that 10 sollars dissapeared right in front of me
POH TAH TOH : i have never felt so helpless
『Healpack』 : Another quote to add to the collection

The Anime Patrolman Mannco.trad : Fucking tryhard hacking peice of shit cunthead sniper and his dickriding medic who can't do shit himself so he pockets the hack

[VIP] 『Healpack』 : It's a stranger
[VIP] 『Healpack』 : strange*

[VIP] Winter : Fuck my fox asshole with your reptilian galaxy wide ultra cock
[VIP] 『Healpack』 : Fucks Winter's fox asshole with my reptilian galaxy wide ultra cock.

[!group] MINE5168 | [B-Day in 4 Days] : stop tying to get attension for nothing

4 hours ago

4 hours ago
@Chatot no thank you, I’m fine.

*DEAD* guitailhs(G.E.W.P) : i ded ;-0;

*DEAD* [Member] TrashHuman : guys astro killed my pet dog
Astro has joined the game

*DEAD* therealquinnster : how do i stop sectating and play

[Member] 『Healpack』 : Atleast admin slapped my ass a thousand times so i'm happy anyways

Tf2Noob26hrs : unrady

CTypeThis : the pyro blew him

Grandpa Cummies : it's ur fault the wage gap exists

Mr.Shephard : *gulp* *gulp* *gulp* ahhhh... I feel Rally mm

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Do you ever feel angry? Are you paralyzed by your anger? Do you feel yourself with butterflies in your stomach a lot? You get headaches? Are you really frustrated? Do you ever get to the point where you gonna blow up? And you are afraid that if you blow up, you're gonna blow away all your friends and all your co-workers? Chances are. All of this behaviour is a symptom of the fact that you're not expressing your anger. We can certainly express our anger, if we handle our anger assertivley.
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Some info for your stalker needs:repenny:

Name: Bullet Kin #912-502-1

Age: 13

Birthday: June 15

Gender: Same gender as Carl Wheezer

Online statuses

:greenlike:Online - I'm online

:sad:Away - Problably watchng Youtube or actually away from my keyboard

:reheart:Busy - Busy with homework

:steambored:Offline - I'm asleep or internet went down

Some questions lol

:derp:Q: Are you autistic?
:smile:A: да

:derp:Q: Furry or Scalie?
:smile:A: Scalie, sorry i can't cease my Scalefaggotry

:derp:Q: Asian?
:smile:A: Yes

:derp:Q: Do you like Furries?
:smile:A: N o

:derp:Q: Ass or titty?
:smile:A: Titty

:derp:Q: Google+ account? (so i can view your memes and a shameless self-promotion)
:smile:A: Here [plus.google.com]

:derp:Q: Can we RP?
:smile:A: No, unless it's ironic

:derp:Q: Still in school?
:smile:A: Yes, but please don't bomb it or have a school shooting

:derp:Q: Have a fuckton of homework?
:smile:A: Y e s

:derp:Q: Do you like Jojo?
:smile:A: Of course

:derp:Q: What parts did you skip?
:smile:A: Parts 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 (I'm sorry)

:derp:Q: Lord Dio?
:smile:A: Lord Dio.

:derp:Q: Are we done?
:smile:A: Yes

Required shit to add me

1-Must be atleast level 2
2-No private profiles
3-Must have a profile pic
4-Don't ask for personal stuff
5-Don't be suspicious
6-Must speak english
7-If you are gonna friend me but not meeting some requirements, add a reason in my comment section

You may friend me if i know you in general even if you don't meet the requirements said above

Nice quotes

Someone is asuming my cactus size - D4

Horny♥Child♥Kat: Sorry about that, I love cs188's ytp too much....maybe I am too addicted to his videos.

Texas is dumb: Now fuck off

10:39 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: I'm a fucking idiot

Colinn: "Imma do my... masta phlan"

1:02 AM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: What happens if you drink too many slurpees?
1:02 AM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: You get a burpee
1:02 AM - Colinn: *clap clap*
1:02 AM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: What the fuck

Wolvindra-Vinzuerio has left the server (Reason: Map is missing)

Colinn (The Nazi file) 24 Apr @ 1:43am
Your a gay paedophile and you smile at Scep at the subway when you with another little boy.

10:58 PM - ☕Your Guardian Angel☕: *leaves a gay kiss on your cheek*

4:15 PM - deaf guy: BITCH YOU'VE GUESSED IT
4:15 PM - deaf guy: http://imgur.com/a/C09rD

Masturbation, sex, threesome, foursome and orgy (five or above).

Hickory Dickory Dock, A mouse went up the clock, The clock struck 4, The mouse sees vore,The mouse he dies, Hickory Dickory dock.

4:50 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: But i'm l o u d d sometimes
1:52 AM - D4UNKN0WNM4N2010: Yes
4:50 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: jhfcvghtfrszxghkgcv
1:53 AM - D4UNKN0WNM4N2010: Shhh xD
4:51 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: oh sorry
4:51 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: ʰᵈᵃᵍᵈᶠᵍᵏˢᵈʸʰᴬᴬˢᵀᵁᴿᵀᴶᵁ
1:54 AM - D4UNKN0WNM4N2010: mate calm down

Cyяosion: Send memes
「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: Imgur
「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: go to Imgur
Cyяosion is now Away.
「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: He's off to view memes
Cyяosion is now Online.
「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: oh shit
Cyяosion is now Away.
「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: good
Cyяosion is now Online.
「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: oh shit

5:38 AM - Colinn: u hav no eye
5:38 AM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: wot
5:38 AM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: i hav e y e s
5:38 AM - Colinn: look at ur profile pic
5:38 AM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: shot
5:38 AM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: shit
5:38 AM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: i have asian eyes
5:38 AM - Colinn: oh
5:38 AM - Colinn: ok den

Me: I'm gonna stab myself with a ballpen (Short yeah)

Mr. Scalefaggot (Me) - Yesterday at 9:25 PM
this music is long
MeegaFaggotBOT - Yesterday at 9:25 PM
GG @Mr. Scalefaggot, you just advanced to level 4 !
GG @Mr. Scalefaggot, you just advanced to level 4 !
Mr. Scalefaggot - Yesterday at 9:25 PM
wow thanks

Whitekid69 - Yesterday at 9:26 PM
oni chan

(WARNING: The most hottest discord ERP is going into your eyes, not for adult audiences)

Sceptile that is a Pokefag - Yesterday at 10:15 PM
i slowly takes off ur shirt xd

Whitekid69 - Yesterday at 10:15 PM
rawr xd owowowowowo uwuwuwuwuwuuwu ewwewewewewew

Sceptile that is a Pokefag - Yesterday at 10:16 PM
i beign 2 lick ur dicc

Whitekid69 - Yesterday at 10:16 PM
rawr xd

Sceptile that is a Pokefag - Yesterday at 10:16 PM
i spit on ur titty

Whitekid69 - Yesterday at 10:17 PM
im auctully dying

Sceptile that is a Pokefag - Yesterday at 10:17 PM
i revevi u with my green large retle dicc

Whitekid69 - Yesterday at 10:17 PM
speak english

Sceptile that is a Pokefag - Yesterday at 10:17 PM
I revive you with my large green reptile dick

Whitekid69 - Yesterday at 10:18 PM
wow such a gentleman

Sceptile that is a Pokefag - Yesterday at 10:18 PM
u succs my gren larg reptl dicc
i cum
in to ur boipussy
ill stop
i'm dying

Whitekid69 - Yesterday at 10:19 PM
this is uncormfortable
and funny
pls kill me

Sceptile that is a Pokefag - Yesterday at 10:19 PM
killes u with my lage reptl dicc

Whitekid69 - Yesterday at 10:19 PM

(We may now resume the shitty quotes of Healpack)

12:59 AM - Turbo moisturizer: how do i kms
3:57 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: Take a rope
3:57 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: then do the loop-de-loop
3:58 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: and now pull
3:58 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: now your shoes are looking cool

[Floofs] 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: I don't want to put D4 on the stage
[Floofs] 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: Bad ball

4:21 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: hey
4:21 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: wanna rp
1:24 AM - Raid: rn?
4:21 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: yes
4:21 PM - 「Sceptile's a Pokefag」: Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm o3o notices you have a bulge o:

๖ۣSceptile's a P o k e F a g (Sceptile) 2 hours ago
What's your favorite word and numbers? Mine's rule and 34

(The previous quote is a very old yet nice quote)

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