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Hello! This is my profile, I hope you enjoy it!

Current most played game: Team Fortress 2
Favorite class?: Soldier and Sniper.
Whats your main?: Technically don't have one, i play all classes. For competitive purposes though, it would be Pocket Soldier/Roamer

~Currently Not playing Competitive as im working, feel free to ring-me though <3~

Sensitivity/DPI?: 3200 (with an in-game sense of 1.7 on Source games, excluding things like Surf, which i use .8)

If you've come to try to trade, please either add me, and open with the reason for adding me, or leave a comment on my profile below, Thanks!

(Just in-case anyone tries to deny it, i AM bad at all videogames!) ;)
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Queen Maffin♥~ Aug 11 @ 4:24pm 
scarlet Aug 5 @ 12:40pm 
+rep. best teammate. thanks for the game
Headph (NEW DPI/SENS) Jul 9 @ 10:50am 
i will remember you fondly, your obituary will state as such
jotea Jul 9 @ 4:03am 
The path of life brings us back to dangerous places, for me that place is MVM
Headph (NEW DPI/SENS) Jul 6 @ 2:51pm 
omg its ounct ur alive youve been in a coma for three years
tornads Jul 6 @ 1:16pm 
+rep headph can give pretty good head