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All in all you're just another brick in the wall

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Zetarad Apr 19 @ 9:17am 
ur blender a gender Bender
Komerad Spaghetti Apr 19 @ 9:17am 
ur dad lesbian
Zetarad Apr 18 @ 11:43pm 
yo sister is a mistaa
Komerad Spaghetti Apr 18 @ 1:05pm 
I double dabbed on ur sisterrr fag
Zetarad Apr 18 @ 11:50am 
I dabbed on ur mum nigaaaaaaaaaaa
pc machine broke Mar 30 @ 2:32pm 
Hey bro, I can eat your ass for all your inventory. I think it's a good offer since eating is is popular and nice thing so if you ok just send me trade offer. I will accept your inventory for my ass eating skills for sure but also can take any other reasonable offer