The best non heavy main 2014   Virginia, United States

I play with my bestest sister, Soxxie , who is an amazing medic and Im her little gordito pocket soldier

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Comp History:
Highlander Iron Season 10 - Why Stop - Main Soldier(6-2) 3rd place
Highlander Silver Season 11 - Our World Now - Main Soldier(4-4)
Highlander Silver Season 12 - Our World Now - Main Soldier(4-5)
Highlander Steel Season 13 - Oprah Winfrey Network(Offclass season) - Main Heavy(9-3) 4th place
Highlander Silver Season 14 - Common's Short Bus - Main Soldier(7-5) 4th place
Highlander Gold Season 15 - Infamous - Backup soldier(6-5)
Highlander Gold Season 16 - Pyongyang Pyongang - All class backup(6-5)
Highlander Gold Season 17 - No Breaks - Backup med (4-4)
Highlander Gold Season 18 - Baited by Rhy(Medic) week 1-5/TKB(Main demo) (5-4)

6s History:
6s Steel Season 15 - The Trashless Trashbags - Main Scout(4-4)
6s Silver Season 16 - PrimeTime(Leader) - Pocket Solly(7-5)
6s Silver Season 17 - Toaster Wifi - Main Demo (11-1) 2nd place
6s Esea Open Season 19 - PROSKEEZ - Main roamer (10-6)
6s Gold Season 19 - Jorts Esports - Main Pocket/roamer (4-4)
6s Gold Season 20 - Disney Jam Thursday - Backup Demo

5+ years of tf2
#jeapordizingthepub ♥

Pimp McDaddy: If we win tonight I'm in the $$$$
Mex!ツ: you can finally buy me a ring?
Pimp McDaddy: lol

residential furniture smasher
----A touching story-----

ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: NO DON'T LEAVE ME
ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: *turns around*
ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: *falls to knees*
♥MexicoDudeღ: i cant
♥MexicoDudeღ: *pulls out ring* i was gonna ask
♥MexicoDudeღ: but you changed your mains on me
♥MexicoDudeღ: to think we were gonna go plat together
♥MexicoDudeღ: but there you are
♥MexicoDudeღ: going pyro
ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: I'M SORRYYYYYYY *screams of regret*
♥MexicoDudeღ: i wanna forgive you
ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: YOU MUST
♥MexicoDudeღ: but you
♥MexicoDudeღ: *sniff*
♥MexicoDudeღ: killed it
♥MexicoDudeღ: you know what
♥MexicoDudeღ: take your ring *throws ring at you*
♥MexicoDudeღ: i dont need this anymore
ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: YOU DON'T NEED THIS RING, YOU NEED MEEE *runs towars you, arms wide*
♥MexicoDudeღ: you know what
♥MexicoDudeღ: I LOVE YOU TOO
♥MexicoDudeღ: *runs towards you, arms ready*
ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: *welcomes you into the warm embrace*

ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: it was only logical for us to move on
♥MexicoDudeღ: but i still love you ;_;
ᵀн Zach 'bday خفي: I... love you too

Skeez: I'm going to use the reserve shooter because I love dick
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Mexico dude despite his billions of hours perfecting soldeeer was incapable of amiting a lowly pyro main with 200 ping and a 14 year old despite a hacker on his team. Get dunked on.