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vanilla wafers.
egyptian flamingo.
art goon.
tijuana sunrise.
portuguese eagle.
playin niggas like dummies.

sneezin on dem niggas
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UGC Highlander Season 10 Steel
UGC Highlander Season 11 Silver
UGC Highlander Season 12 Gold - 4th
UGC Highlander Season 13 Platinum
UGC Highlander Season 15 Gold - 1st

UGC 6v6 Iron -1st
UGC 6v6 Platinum Season 15 -1st
UGC 6v6 Platinum Season 18 -1st
UGC 6v6 Platinum Season 25 -1st

ESEA-O Season 16 Participant for a bit...
CEVO-O Season 4 - 6th
ESEA-O Season 18 - 4th, Animus Victoria
ESEA-IM Season 19 - 8th, egyptian flamingoes
ESEA-IM Season 20 - 1st, Not Fast Food
ESEA-I Season 21 - 4th, EVL Gaming / Luca Goers
ESEA-I Season 22 - 3rd, FROYO BLACK
ESEA-I Season 23 - 1st, FROYOTECH
ESEA-I Season 24 - 1st, FROYOTECH
ESEA-I Season 25 - 1st, FROYOTECH
ESEA-I Season 26 - 1st, FROYOTECH (19-0)
ESEA-I Season 27 - 1st, FROYOTECH (19-0)


All with FROYOTECH minus TLANs

Toronto LAN 2015 - 1st
Toronto LAN 2016 - 1st
Sigafoo 7v7 Cup - 1st
RGL Prolander 7v7 S1 - 1st
FACEIT $2500 Open Tournament - 1st
ESA Rewind LAN 2017 - 1st place World Champion
ESU Rumble Sweden LAN 2017 - 1st place World Champion
Essentials.TF NA Monthly Cup #1 - 1st
ESA Rewind 2 LAN 2018 - 1st place World Champion


You have received a warning for the reason: excessively playing off classes in a pug will result in a restriction - when drafted as demo, med or pocket you are expected to stay on that class.

Hassassin: but I can barely run csgo dude
Hassassin: fucking intel pentium 4
Hassassin: less than 50 fps
indust: outta here with that afghani car battery computer shit
Hassassin: ROFL

b4nny : what would happen if b4nny did lines while playing scout

bae: fo you have a dad bod
yung habib: bae: fo you have a dad bod
yung habib: speak english
bae: ua am
yung habib: are you high
bae: im speacing arabicc
yung habib: muted

I got robbed today: bunny has the flambouyant accent of the guy who does the mr. anal scenes with all the chicks on brazzers
I got robbed today: tell me i'm wrong.
habib the dead terrorist: LOOL

1:40 AM - FROYO b4nny.tv: what is this poonani shit

habib: pornhub premium is free
habib: your welcome
slemnish: I'm gay

prstg leaky: that zoon squad shit is fuckin gay
prstg leaky: btw

8:13 PM - FROYO luca: yo
8:13 PM - FROYO luca: listen...
8:13 PM - FROYO b4nny.tv: hi
8:13 PM - FROYO luca: I kinda forgot we had a match today and smoked 10 blunts...
8:14 PM - FROYO b4nny.tv: thats cool
8:14 PM - FROYO b4nny.tv: 1 percent per blunt
8:15 PM - FROYO luca: yea thats what I would say if I actually smoked 10 blunts

FROYO blaze: that bitch has a pink taser with glitter on it
FROYO blaze: atleast shes stylish
FROYO blaze: good for her

b.: nigga
Hassassin: man im not arabian but I slay a bitch on a horse
b.: till the 80's did
b.: SWAG
Hassassin: orbac ding dang gugga
b.: i open doors in hati
b.: your dad looks like a fukin two headed dragon sucking on a fukin bandagon
Hassassin: blast her husband, thats your grandpa, the funeral's comin

Dirt Nasty <3

bunny: max, relax, breathe in slowly and out slowly, you need all the Oxygen you can get, fuckboy.

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