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Knife History
I no longer play CSGO as a hobby and has sold almost all the items since. If you are curious, browse my screenshots for a full item history
StatTrak GutKnife Boreal Forest MW
Bayonet Fade
Bayonet TigerTooth
Falchion Knife Fade
P4 FlipKnife Gamma Doppler
P2 FlipKnife Doppler
FlipKnife TigerTooth
FlipKnife Fade
P2 Karambit Doppler
Karambit MarbleFade FFI
Karambit Ruby & Karambit Sapphire
Karambit TigerTooth& ButterflyKnife Fade
ST M9 Fade & ST M9 P2 Doppler
MW M9 Lore
FN M9 Marble Fade
ST P2 Bowie Dopper
ST FlipKnife Black Pearl
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Taking the last screenshot before sealing the inventory and set the permission to private
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Sekiro: Pirates Play Early.

But other than that there are quite a few design choices of this game that I hate.
Remember how you can gradually collect souls in DS series and slowly but firmly increase your character's attributes? In this game, there are only limited collectable and weapon modifications you could possibly use, at least that's what I learnt after 3hours into this game. And instead of encouraging you to try again, the more you die the higher the penalty is. For example, in this game there is a random buff that got applied, its effect is to prevent you from losing any money or exp. However the more you die the less the possibility for it to trigger, which is a stupid design I honestly dont understand why it exists.

The huge variety of boss/mini-boss designs in DS series was my favourite part of that game, Each boss fight is unique with decent BGMs that actually suit the theme, and the player is rewarded for their time and effort put in. In this game every boss feels the same, you either play MetalGearSolid to cause some damage (half of the boss's total HP, to be precise) or straight go ahead and fight the boss. Each boss's attack feels similar and it's all about pin-point evade/rolls precision. It's like For Honor with Stealth element.

Overall I rate it 6.5/10, I know most people probably won't agree with me and I admit I'm not the best ACT gamer in the world. But at the end of the day, games are supposed to be fun, which is something Sekiro at its current status fails to deliver. It almost feels like out of all the elements of DarkSouls, the developers only learnt that gamers liked hard games so they decided to make this game as tedious as possible to create an illusion of hard without providing anything interesting to back that hardcore up.
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