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:balloonicorn: 1- Wattey - Unusual Dead Cone! (Holy Hell...)
:balloonicorn: 2- GatMFR - Collectors Axtinguisher!
:balloonicorn: 3- Yamaha_Rice_Bubbles - Summer Cooler 2013 Key!
:balloonicorn: 4- Genuine Nabler - Strange Candy Knife!
:balloonicorn: 5- BusinessMoose - 1 Ref!
:balloonicorn: 6- Stereotypical Edgy Username - Brain Candy Knife (Field Tested) & Festive SMG!
:balloonicorn: 7- Uncle Oreo - 6 Refind Metal!
:balloonicorn: 8- Kreep - 5 CS:GO Keys!
:balloonicorn: 9- Kreep - Black Mesa!
:balloonicorn: 10- Kreep - 7 CS:GO Skins!
:balloonicorn: 11- Kreep - Hotline Miami 2 Deluxe!
:balloonicorn: 12- Kreep - Field Practice!
:balloonicorn: 13- Kreep - 11,740 Memes!
:balloonicorn: 14- 迪伦 - NekoPara Vol 0.
:balloonicorn: 15- 迪伦 - Bloody Boobs
:balloonicorn: 16- Crosstic Curse - Gential Jousting
:balloonicorn: 17- Kreep/Tom Faulty - Majoras Mask Mask (Payday 2)
:balloonicorn: 18- Lord Gibs - Spec KS Maul!
:balloonicorn: 19- Electric Indigo - 1 Ref & 2 Rec!
:balloonicorn: 20- Rene - 5 Tf2 Hats & Taunt!

:os_pancakes: Doing commissions! :os_pancakes:

More info: https://happylucas1965.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-730224118

:locon: Links:

:tinder: Backpack.tf - http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198133590023

:tinder: SteamRep - https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198133590023

:tinder: DeviantArt - https://happylucas1965.deviantart.com/

:tinder: Things Im Selling - https://backpack.tf/classifieds?steamid=76561198133590023

:check: Medic/Scout/Pyro Main :check::MrSnakey:

:MrSnakey: Birthday: 10th Of September!

:os_niko: Languages I Know :os_niko:

English, Spanish & Italian (A Bit)

:jarate: Sometimes I Have MTT (Mental Time Travel) :jarate:

:NitroCan: WII U ID: Theguyyoufound12 :NitroCan:

:Mia: CSGO Rank: Silver 4 :Mia:

:Mia: Highest Rank: Silver 4 :Mia:

:os_niko: Beta tester for Business Tour! :os_niko:
:os_niko: Beta tester for WANTED: Dead Man Walking (Which i'm not proud of, Owners/Admins are abusive against their community):os_niko:

I Am Planksexual

Things I HATE:
:csgox: Mic Spamming Kids
:csgox: W+M1 F2P Pyros
:csgox: Admin Abusers
:csgox: Script Kitties (LMAO Box Skrubs)
:csgox: Hackers
:csgox: Battle F2P Medics
:csgox: Scammers
:csgox: Pocket Medics
:csgox: New Super Mario Bros Wii
:csgox: Skial Servers (Cancer)
:csgox: My Life
:csgox: Losing My Virginity
:csgox: Kederan
:csgox: Buddhism Hotline
:csgox: CSGOGem
:csgox: People Who Call Me A Furry

:2017stickyhotdog::tinder: Dream Items :tinder::2017stickyhotdog:

:ccbubble: Black Mesa (Game) :check: Thanks Kreep!
:ccbubble: Strange Killstreak Wrench (TF2)
:ccbubble: Counter-Strike: Source (Game)
:ccbubble: Party Hard (Game)
:ccbubble: Speedrunners (Game)
:ccbubble: Hotline Miami 1 (Game) :check:
:ccbubble: ThunderBolt Sniper Rifle (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: Kazotsky Kick (TF2) :check:
:ccbubble: Balloonicorn Sniper Rifle (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: Genuine Robo Sandvich (TF2)
:ccbubble: Head Prize (TF2)
:ccbubble: Aussie Tomislav (TF2)
:ccbubble: Max's Severed Head (TF2)
:ccbubble: Balloonicorn Flamethrower (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: PWND (Game)
:ccbubble: Box Trot (TF2)
:ccbubble: Strange Festive Sniper Rifle (TF2)
:ccbubble: Batsaber (TF2)
:ccbubble: Pyro The Flamedeer (TF2)
:ccbubble: Sonic Mania (Game)
:ccbubble: SteamWorld Dig 2 (Game) :check: Thanks Twitch Prime!
:ccbubble: Slime Rancher (Game)
:ccbubble: Death Road to Canada (Game)
:ccbubble: Cuphead (Game) :check: Thanks Kreep!
:ccbubble: Catastrophic Companions (TF2)
:ccbubble: Enter the Gungeon (Game)
:ccbubble: The Orange Box (Pack) :check:
:ccbubble: 60 Seconds (Game)
:ccbubble: Night In The Woods (Game)
:ccbubble: OneShot (Game) :check:
:ccbubble: :os_niko: (Emote) :check:
:ccbubble: :os_sun: (Emote) :check:
:ccbubble: Level 5 OneShot Badge (Steam)
:ccbubble: Australium Medigun (TF2)
:ccbubble: Australium Flamethrower (TF2)
:ccbubble: Cat's Pajamas (TF2)
:ccbubble: Sledder's Companion (TF2)
:ccbubble: Brass Bucket (TF2)
:ccbubble: Balloonihoodie (TF2)
:ccbubble: Jazzy War Paint (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: Hazard Warming War Paint (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: Hana War Paint (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: Damascus Mahogany War Paint (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: Cosmic Calamity War Paint (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: Alien Tech War Paint (MW - FN) (TF2)
:ccbubble: Combustible Cutie (TF2)
:ccbubble: Russian Arms Race Unusualifier (TF2)
:ccbubble: Strange Pro KS Eyelander (TF2)
:ccbubble: Kazotsky Kick Unusualifier (TF2)
:ccbubble: Professional Killstreak Scattergun (TF2)
:ccbubble: Unusual Boston Break Dance (TF2)
:ccbubble: Unusual Meet the Medic (TF2)
:ccbubble: Archimedes the Undying (TF2)
:ccbubble: Second Opinion (TF2)
:ccbubble: Strange Pro Ks Quickiebomb Launcher (TF2)
:ccbubble: Frag Proof Fragger (TF2)
:ccbubble: Starboard Crusader (TF2)
:ccbubble: Tsar Platinum (TF2) :check:
:ccbubble: Letterman Jacket (DST)
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[DashE] {-Vexic Fox-} Jun 14 @ 4:27pm 
thanks, he left you in his friends list then told me he had no friends when I aksed him why he asked me about helping him when he had friends.
Happylucas1965 Jun 14 @ 4:26pm 
i'm fucking with him currently
Happylucas1965 Jun 14 @ 4:26pm 
it is,
[DashE] {-Vexic Fox-} Jun 14 @ 4:24pm 
Hey you're friends with Giacomocerrai right? Has he tried to tell you about helping him withdraw items. I'm guessing it's a scam.
gen May 10 @ 12:31pm 
owo murr May 10 @ 11:45am