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Xander / Hana   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hiya everyone! <3 Welcome to my profile! Follow me on twitch [twitch.tv]! The profile art was made by artwooddraws! Follow him on twitter!

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About Me / FAQ

Hello user on Steam! My name is Xander / Hana! Refer me as either of those names or as HanaZura. I don't mind any of those names :3

Can we play together?

I don't mind if you want to play with me just send me a message and I'll reply if I can or not

Can I add you?

If you want to add me sure! Just don't spam me, if you do I will block you. Simple as that.

What games do you play

I usually don’t play on Steam much anymore. I do play a fair bit of Switch however.

Do you play on other platforms? For example Xbox and PS4?

Yes I do. Feel free to add me on the following.

Battle.net : HanaZura#1791 (Inactive)
Xbox Live: HanaZura (Inactive) (Will still add people though)
PSN: HanaZuraLL
Switch: SW-8502-5382-4330

What social media do you have?

The only place I post stuff is Twitter which is @HanaZuraOA.

Do you create content and if so what platforms do you use?

Yes I do. I have a YouTube and Twitch.

YouTube: HanaZura (Inactive)
Twitch: HanaZuraOwO [www.twitch.tv]

Can I be on one of your streams?

No, unless I am inviting viewers on stream.

How can I get in contact with you?

I use Discord to get in contact with others. Please message me on steam when I am on with a reason why you want to contact me there for my username.

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