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Will change this to positive if Foxie Games ever bothers to patch / update the Steam version again.

If you're buying this for multiplayer, don't bother. As of a patch for the mobile versions about a month ago which added free "Elemental" horses, the Steam version is now blocked from joining any online rooms containing a player using one of those. From an average of 40 open rooms every day, I'm lucky to find 2 now.

While the core gameplay is upgrading your horses through grinding via endless mode and steeplechase-esque course racing versus bots and this still mostly works, bugs such as text chat not allowing most keyboard characters and the HUD vanishing if you go too near map edges or into the two DLC extensions still exist. Hitting Escape closes the game no matter what you're doing, probably the biggest irritant.

We were promised updates to adjust coin payouts for some folks that hated the grind, those never happened. It was also hinted on Facebook we'd eventually get the Freisian horses from mobile as the models they use are visible in this version - also never happened. Elementals were never added due to Steam, according to one Facebook reply - which makes no sense as Valve is fine with developers adding a free DLC to any game, last I checked.
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I have seen a lot of people having issues with the steam overlay not coming up for a lot of different games or the steam controller not functioning properly, buttons not responding at all or they perform the wrong action etc. If you are using msi afterb
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