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Mar 28 @ 11:22am
In topic People Boycotting Games because of EPIC
I do get the game tho, Since epic already paid for my share.
Mar 27 @ 3:38am
In topic 2020?!
Originally posted by VaiTaPro:
Originally posted by T♥r♥u♥n♥d♥l♥e:
If devs get paid by Epic that's mean they don't need consumer money anymore. :conwayshrug:

Epic should put every exclusives they buy for free on EGS, i'm sure people would not complain so much and it's not like they are going to sell to much anyway.

and I would still pirate them
Sales must have been a disaster on that bethesda launcher, Haha.
Mar 22 @ 11:55am
In topic Congratuations!
Originally posted by Jarek:
Steam is dying and we all know it. After 15 years we will say the same when a new contender goes against the Epic Games monopoly.

Change can be scary, i get it.. But we will get used to it :)

Keep dreaming
come on gaben
Mar 21 @ 2:10am
In topic No Steam no problem!
Batten Down The Hatches Me Hearties!
Mar 21 @ 2:01am
In topic wtf!? i hate Obsidian now!
Enjoy having your information being stolen by the chinese.
Mar 21 @ 12:20am
In topic Gonna buy game anyway.
why are you gay?
Mar 20 @ 11:22pm
Doesn't matter
Mar 20 @ 11:18pm
In topic EPIC is not competition...
Well, Enjoy the 88% of my $0
Mar 20 @ 9:05am
In topic Epic games exclusive (Confirmed!)
Is it really?
Good thing I never touched that malware.

Sorry for all the idiots who downloaded this hot garbage.
The fact that they have yet to region lock china and ban the use of VPN is a sign that they are not trying.

Instead they remove server selection so we are forced to play with those degenerates.

I'm happy to see this game fail so miserably
Mar 10 @ 8:56pm
In topic It fills me with overwhelming joy
The reason my group and I stopped playing had nothing to do with most complaints, We are a small group of 5 people and just wanted to enjoy the game without joining a huge company, But that seems impossible.

Give us servers where company members are limited to 5-10 and players will return.
Why buy it on that ♥♥♥♥♥♥ store when you can get it for free with no store attached?
Feb 20 @ 6:28am
In topic codex
PC master race!
Does this look like epic support forums?

get the♥♥♥♥♥outa here
Feb 19 @ 7:57pm
In topic Steam games you can't buy
Ahhh Nosgoth,, What a shame that they killed it off.
take your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ advertisement elsewhere, Not giving you views.
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