Jacob   United States
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and in my spare time I am a Gamer.
I am a friendly person and I NEVER cuss and almost NEVER hold grudges unless you are rude to me or my friends.
I play Unturned, PUBG, ARMA III, and R6.

Hunting is my game. Headshots are my aim.
P.S. I'm a moderator on ACK Unturned servers.

Nate: hey there cutie
HUNTER4639: uh hi
HUNTER4639: isnt minty cuter
HUNTER4639: well u know him as lord obunga
Nate: minty
Nate: ?
HUNTER4639: ya
Nate: that his name?
HUNTER4639: his name now is lord obunga
HUNTER4639: or despacito 2
HUNTER4639: uh
HUNTER4639: no
HUNTER4639: it was his old name
Nate: oh
HUNTER4639: it was his name when i met him
HUNTER4639: literally 4 years ago pretty soon
HUNTER4639: lol
HUNTER4639: k gn almost 10 pm here have fun killing those silly ntf. DBOIS FOREVER
Nate: no
HUNTER4639: no?
HUNTER4639: ok
Nate: its 12pm on
Nate: ly
Nate: its fine
HUNTER4639: but im tired
Nate: ):
HUNTER4639: go bother despacito but he will prob ignore u
Nate: he is mean
HUNTER4639: he has been ignoring me all day
HUNTER4639: oh
HUNTER4639: ok
HUNTER4639: why is he mean
HUNTER4639: he just got back from a week long trip and i think he went to nam for it :P the jungles of nam
Nate: xd
HUNTER4639: he is lets say less social
Nate: i knoiw
Nate: he wont call me
Nate: so i ignore hgim kind of
Nate: causeh e is boring
Nate: in a nice way
HUNTER4639: ya he stays on scp or gmod all day
HUNTER4639: and ignores me
HUNTER4639: k have fun. DBOIS FOREVER!
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with what
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-Rep, bad friend
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no u gey
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+REP bans people when neccesary even if it's their friend