itsthatbux //testing router
I'm just another nolifer whos suffering from depression.   Turkey
Some shit I don't know about: (Irony xd)
My Website: | http only / no ssl
VPS Specs:
Intel-xeon processor (E3@3.00Ghz)
PC Specs:
Intel Core I3-2100 @3.10Ghz
Intel HD Graphics(TM) 2000 -> buy

-> Editing / Creating software
-> Reverse Engineering with IDA Pro
-> Playing TF2 (Legit obviously,)
-> Creating Shitpost content

ing new one soon, xd!
500GB HDD -> being replaycd1' with 240GB SSD soon, depends on time and money.
Personal Info:
Age: 17
Country: Germany
City: Monheim am Rhein
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Azure May 25 @ 1:11pm 
That's from le great lbox vac wave of April 29th, 2016. Then I got an untrusted ban in CSGO at some point afterwards.
itsthatbux //testing router May 24 @ 6:16pm 
sell hak?
Azure May 24 @ 5:27pm 
reichboy coding p(ee)cheat
itsthatbux //testing router May 19 @ 11:08am 
itsthatbux //testing router May 19 @ 11:08am 
ay hes mad af