When I Started Balling I Was Young

Qoute of HRLM for the day:"I am just Nobody T_T."

Just a gamer. ;) Huehuehuehuehue

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"No matter how hard you fight for it eventhough you didn't do it you will be always the one to take the blame."


"Dont give up easily on things that you think is hard just believe in your self and you can do it."


"If you want to be the best you must prove that you are the best."


"Make your love ones as your inspiration."


"Sometimes it is hard leaving alone without someone special in your life."


"F2P doesn't mean noob."


"I can't live my life always backing down."


"You don't know who killed you, because you're already dead..."


"Why try hard if you can't do shit."


"You have brains in your head, you have feet on your shoes, And you'll steer yourself in any direction you choose, you're on your own and you know what to know: cause you will know which place you will go..."

-Dr. Seuss-20/2/14-8:23Am

"Common sense is not too common."

- Chrome-20/2/14-8::27Am

"Don't celebrate each Phyrrhic succes.You may never what it hit you."

-Raymond Frilles.-20/2/14-8:35Am

"Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life."


"Son, Santa Claus isn't real."


"We accept the love that we only think we deserve."

-Arvin Agura-20/2/14-8:40Am

"Dont give a Sh!t to the people who doesn't give a sh!t about you."


"Is it short? Dont hope."


"Time is gold, when watching b**d."


"Because you think!."






"Always look at the brightside."



-Sir Gary-20/2/14-8:57Am


-Mark Alejandro-20/2/14-1:00Pm

"Go to Hell!"


"Sir/Maam my project is done, But I left it at home."


"You're welcome Students."


"Yo! Mama is so fat, she is Mrs. Javier."


"You will learn soon."

-Mayzon-10/11/14-2:47 Am

"If one day speed kills me, don't cry, because I was smiling."

-Paul Walker.

"Trust yourself, fuck what everyone thinks, and do what you love."

-✪dakaLeleB0mber-26/11/15-4:52 AM

"Maganda Si Aryanne."


"I'll wait eventhough it'll will take me days, months, or year Just to be with you."

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