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My song (good shit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJd39u-5ygg

I am the world famous (funny joke) AUG collector.
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Welcome To My Own Corner Of The Cave

If you hadn't noticed TF2 is my favorite game. I am a Member [HG] and Mod [M] of the gaming clan HeLLsGamers. I am also slowly making my way into comp leagues and interested in joining a competitive TF2 team. I also make Warframe Captura posters. Go to Captura Info box for more. I also know the entire Corpus Language. :)
I do not advertise any website for money, so don't add me for that reason.

If you're gonna add me to trade, be prepared cause I don't do much trading. And if you're a bot or have some dumb code for a site, get outta my profile I don't like you. Also I'm never selling my Unusual Thirst Blood, Aussie Scattergun, Thermal Tracker, Hot Heels, Dressed to Kill Pistol, OR Fan O' War. I am willing to buy however, strange and unique version of the: Mutated Milk , Festive Pistol , Festive Scattergun , Festive Force a Nature , Holy Mackerel , and Festive Holy Mackerel . I am also buying all CS:GO AUG skins with TF2 currency. That is if I have the keys and ref to do so, so it's never guaranteed.

TF2 Info

Main Class: Scout
Favorite Hat: Thirst Blood
Favorite Quality(s): Strange , Unusual
Favorite Unusual Effect: Purple Confetti
Favorite Weapon: Festive Australium Scattergun
Favorite Paint: A Deep Commitment To Purple
Favorite Comp Team: FROYOTECH
Favorite Players (Besides Self >:P): b4nny , Freestate , Funs
Favorite Normal Gamemode: Control Points
Favorite Comp Gamemode: 6's

Captura Poster Info

1. Available Warframes fluctuate. I currently have Chroma, Ember, Umbra Excalibur, Loki, Inaros, Volt, Trinity Prime, Mesa, Mirage (Prime), Frost, Nova, Ash Prime, Banshee Prime, Gara, Limbo Prime, Nekros, Octavia, Saryn Titania, Valkyr, Zephyr Prime. Please understand I'm working towards opening more Warframe slots and might not have the current Warframe you desire.

2. Tell me the colors you want for:
or say keep it stock colors.

3. Tell me the Scene. Like the Warframes I don't have every Captura. A list of them will be provided:

4. Tell me weapons, companions, attachments, regalia, Syandana,(ex. Strun, Helminth Charger, helmets, skins, Tyl Regor sigil, Foxglove, etc.) all of it. Tell me everything. I don't want to leave something out that you would like, even the smallest things. Even weapon effects, I have an Nvidia card, you want fire on your weapon? Say, "Molten Impact on ____". I won't get upset, want is a natural human thing.

5. You must prepay. The price of each, no matter how specific, is 3 refined (TF2 currency) or 3 platinum (Warframe rare currency). Trust me, I won't spend anything until the Captura is done. If it never gets finished, I'll refund. If you waste my time on purpose like a bitch, well any Captura order by said person in the next week will be declined. I'm not the only Capturist. This is the only warning.


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Ref metal availablity fluctuates, don't always expect me to have it on hand.

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