(~SS~) Herobryce1075
Bryce Smith   Moorhead, Minnesota, United States
I'm 16 with an addiction to any game ive played over 24 hours. I change my profile description for how many different ways I've been attempted at getting scammed. PS, I dont fall for any. :csgogun:

1. Duplicated Items.
2. Photoshopping fake Valve Employee page.
3. Photoshopping fake password change page.
Currently Online
(~SS~) Herobryce1075 Nov 19 @ 7:09am 
Ok, its back up and running, with the latest version of Windows 10!
(~SS~) Herobryce1075 Nov 17 @ 8:47pm 
Welp, my computer is out of commission for a while until its fixed.

(~SS~) Herobryce1075 Oct 25 @ 7:13am 
Set Complete Comrades!
(~SS~) Herobryce1075 Oct 3 @ 7:37am 
I need a Strange Officer's Ushanka to compete my loadout.
(~SS~) Herobryce1075 Oct 1 @ 5:00pm 
I'm currently working on a Russian Heavy Loadout.
(~SS~) Herobryce1075 Jun 7 @ 12:11pm 
Well, I didn't get a Strange Specialized Killstreak AWPer Hand... I got the Strange PROFESSIONAL Killstreak version! :D