Playing Battlerite probably :ermahgerd: Varesh main big brain
Scammers have been targeting me, so do not click on any links in the comments. If you want to add me, post an emote or tell me why in comments.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't even know anymore :ermahgerd:

I now have some room on my friends list, but I don't use steam (even offline) as much now. I play battle.net games now so if you want to add me there you can. Put your battle.net tag in a comment and when I see it I will send a request. I updated this :ermahgerd: x3

I live in a bakery in Canada.

I am married to my sexy Mudkip.

I am an admin on NJP (Best TF2 server IP:
Rest in peace NJP.
BUT IN THE MEANTIME I am creating a server on the same IP so technically that statement is true.
Project Dropped. Rest in peices.

I hate people who eat cakes, but like people who prefer cakes over pies.
Pies are terrible creatures
Cakes are advance creatures created by humans and have adapted from the bread. Cupcakes are our 'children' and overtime slowly grow into full cakes. For the first 10 years a cake is a cupcake.
LemonCake is best cake.
Pies are wannabe cakes
Pastries are tryhard cakes
Bread is chill only when its not talking about how it was techincally the first cake.
Cake are better than pies
Reaper is sexy
Cakes are sexier
Mudkip is probably sexier but it is too hard to tell
Plex knows all

BTW I have been really sick lately, if I am gone for more than a month assume I was eaten by dogs.
So heres a funfact; I actually got a dog so if I do die just look for a really fat 3 legged dog thats very furry and fluffy.

Nobody scrolls down to view profile info you need to mouse over to see, so here are my current goals.
Get admin on a server (TF2 JC2MP GM or something)
Yup you scrolled down to learn that I typed that I want to be an admin so I can sit there and fuck around or do nothing.

[stike]NOT ANYMORE HUE HUE HUE OVERHYPED BOYS :ermahgerd: [/strike] lel overhype

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApejOPyQ5TQ just gona put this here for myself

Playing Battlerite probably. It's a cool game you should play.
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Btw I happen to need admins for the server below ;)
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Happy new years! Cheers to a great 2019!
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:D merry christmas to you too :D
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Merry Christmas Lemon! Happy holidays bro!