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Alcançada em 10/set/2018 às 8:17

Frag Robber

Kill some enemies severely injured by another player, while that player is still close to the victim
Alcançada em 9/set/2018 às 5:00

My Name is Nobody

Your first kill in a game among other human players

Robin Hood

Make headshots with bow from long range
0 / 10

Kick their asses

Kick some enemies into water, fire or a large fall
1 / 10

Dutch Courage

Kill some enemies while being under whiskey's effect
6 / 20


Pick lit dynamite sticks thrown by other players
0 / 10

Best Friends

Kill a few Steam friends with bare hands
0 / 5

More Dead Than Alive

Get some frags while your health is lower than 15 HP
13 / 30

A Fistful of Dynamite

Get some kills with explosive chain reaction effect (their own dynamite kills them)
1 / 10

The Unforgiven

Kill enemies ending their streak of 7 or more kills
1 / 10


Get some kills shooting at a lit dynamite
0 / 15


Kill enemies while reaching 100% overweight due weapon accumulation
0 / 10


Kill enemies with dual Colt Walkers
0 / 15

Level: Rancher

Complete 25 games

Level: Gunfighter

Complete 100 games

Level: Legend

Complete 500 games
7 / 500


Drop 15 enemy player's hat by shooting over their heads
6 / 15