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Posted: Feb 2, 2015 @ 11:05am
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Below is what I wrote at this time: Posted: 2 Feb, 2015 @ 8:05pm
Life is Strange is a very nice point & click game in 5 episodes. Here I will only comment about the first one, since the others are not yet available.
You play a young student in photographic art, who discover her ability to rewind the time. That's the key feature of Life is Strange. This gives you the possibility to alter the action and to change some things, some choices, and then change History.
This episode is an introduction, to the place, the characters, and the way to play. The game is really simple and the controls are not disturbing you from focusing on the story. And the story is really important, since in Life is Strange is a kind of contemporary fairy tale, and you are a witness, a reader, a spectator. Of course you direct the main character, and you make the choices, but in the end you listen and watch a lot more than you play.
For amateurs of Syberia, The longest journey and all this kinf of game, Life is Strange is a really great game, much welcome.

Now, after finishing the whole game one year ago, I can only smile when looking back at my "ho so naive" text...

Life is Strange is, by far, the best game I ever play. It's not only beautiful, immersive and intense, it's also a life changer.

As you play episode after episode, you switch from a nice and light game to a much heavier and strong game, where all your decisions matter.

The following may contain light spoilers

Lot of people, about the end(s), say your decisions don't matter towards the end, I think they are wrong, they matter a lot, they will make you think, cry, try, and the whole feeling, the whole experience you get from the game is directly linked to those decisions you took along the path.

Of course, I recommend this game, I bought it here, I bought it to my wife, I bought the collector edition, and no games ever give me this feelings.
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