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Posted: Dec 21, 2018 @ 11:22pm
Updated: Dec 21, 2018 @ 11:59pm

I've been using RPG Maker for nearly 20 years. I've used MV since launch (but not on steam, the standalone. Thousands of hours spent there and 4 games published, 2 of which are commercial). MV is a very good engine, as long as you realise you need to learn what plugins are. You can use MV without plugins for simple, casual and personal projects. RPG Maker has always been good for that. But to really customize things, plugins are the way to go.

You don't need to learn how to code.
But if you learn/know Javascript you'll have an advantage if your interest is in customizing the engine. I don't know anyting about Javascript and have decided to stay that way. Hasn't been an issue for me (except for my loftiest of dreams). OK, I lie. I did edit a few plugins a tad, but I'm far from programmer. I promise.

RPG Maker can be used for simple, quick prototypes, personal projects or more full fledged commercial games.
It will depend on your goals, time and budget. I have released commerical games with Unity and RPG maker, free games with GameMaker and attempted XNA games for the 360 as well as Unreal Engine Games. I can say that there is no shame in using RPG Maker. The most important thing is making something you are satisfied with and something that rings unique in your own way.

The English community is pretty amazing
(rpg maker forums, I haven't tried steam). They are somewhat strict in their posting policy (so read the rules) but they respond quickly and there tend to be a lot of people willing to help. Most well stated questions seem to get some sort of answer. Often it may lead you to a plugin, other times to the documentation (that you might want to read anyway). Either way, the community is an asset.

RPG maker has limitations, or restrictions in how you go about things. But creative thinking will allow you to get past that. Or again, in many cases, Plugins will shatter the barriers initially presented by the software developers. Want more frames of animation? Get a plugin! Want more dialog options? There is a plugin for that. Etc, etc, so on and so forth.

For a simple, free, personal project don't feel ashamed to use stock assets and ignore plugins.
But for a commerical project, you should invest time in going further. Almost everything can be customized if you spend the time to learn how.

Plugins are typically free (even for commercial use, most of the time) and greatly expand on what MV offers or simplify how you would go about implementing something.
Plugins will let you make an RPG Maker game that doesn't seem like the cliche RPG maker game. Sound interesting? Well be patient and get ready to do some research. This is an area that no one can hold your hand, but if you are willing, you can make it happen. You can make a game using an engine people usually look down on, to make a game that you are genuinely satisfied with. Assuming that is your goal.

RPG maker has a mixed reputation because of the people that use it, not because the software itself is a bad product. Its strength and weakness is that you can quickly churn out a bad game over the course of a weekend (there are commerically sold books on how to do this) or you can spend a year or two tweaking and refining your game to make something unique and special.

Or you can be like me, and be somewhere in the middle. I make no aims to create a masterpiece. I make games that are very ME and I accept the shortcomings. And people accept them for what they are.

RPGs have always been about choice, and MV is no different.
Pick your path and embrace it. Feel no shame in producing a low budget project, just don't spin it otherwise or expect people to see it as anything other than it is. Constantly think about what makes it special, and be ready to show that off.

Runs well enough on my rigs. But I know some lower end specs do complain from time to time. I have not tried android or linux releases. Just PC and Mac. They have worked fine for me. Runs OK on old mac mini (2014) or 1.6 ghz intel windows tablet at 1080p with full screen graphics (some slowdown if full screen effects are applied to full screen monsters). YMMV.

Happy eventing to you and yours :)
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PaleHollow Mar 12, 2019 @ 7:40pm 
Looked you up with some good old-fashioned detective work and it took me about 10 minutes to connect the dots. I see the games you have worked on in the past and published on GameJolt under your pseudonym (I'm not going to be a dick and post it here bc I too am familiar with Steam users). You have 6 titles for free and 2 at a name your price option. I have to say: all things considered, those h-games you have on there look pretty good and it is pretty amazing how far RPGMaker has come in that regard. As an extensive user of Game Maker Studio, I have often ignored RPG Maker in the past because it seemed pretty niche and limited but you seemed to have pushed the engine in a few interesting directions and for that, I think you have plenty of talent and authority on the matter. Best wishes on your future deving.
Adeptus Mechanicus Feb 21, 2019 @ 10:43pm 
Dearest Guild,

I've wanted to make games but I've put it off for far too long and doubted myself. I would love it if we could chat and you could help point me in the right ways to go. I'm not sure on how to do plugin items or associated things. It would truly mean a lot to me please.

-Kotho <3
Meido Mush Dec 22, 2018 @ 7:31pm 
Oh right, this review is public lol.
Guild Sweetheart Dec 22, 2018 @ 8:44am 
It's important to keep secrets Mush. Especially from steam users ^_^
Meido Mush Dec 22, 2018 @ 1:39am 
What games did you make o.0