GuRU is an organized and competitive PSN & XBOX on-line multi-player social gaming group. We have Clans, Squads, Units, Teams, and Crews on popular video games. The clan tag is an acronym which is known as Get ur Rank Up. This is our motto in the game and in life.

COMPETE with us on-line in multi-player games and competitions. We are registered with Elite, MLG, Rockstar Social Club, EA Sports and will continually add other apps as they become available.

PROMOTING up the ranks in school, in-game and on our site can earn you AWARD$, PERK$ AND FREE TEAM $PIRIT PRIZE$ like engraved dog tags, pizza delivered, PSN, Microsoft or GameStop gift cards, video games and game consoles. There are many motivational and competitive objective based challenges and team operations to participate in. Join our site and complete registration for membership. Our most popular featured game for 2014 is Call of Duty Ghosts. We also play RPG, Sports games and will continue to add more to the venue based on popularity.

$CHOOLING them on the game! We support the importance of continuing education and encourage currently enrolled students of all ages to apply the same competitive drive on the game in school. We reward Honor Roll and Graduate Students at College, High School and Middle School levels. All of our students are enrolled in the "HIT THE BOOKS" program and can participate in any of the posted educational challenges and win cool prizes.

DONATION$ generate the revenue we need to operate. All proceeds are reinvested to support our operational budget which includes giving away free Team $pirit Merchandise prizes, fabrication, vendor fees, shipping and handling.

Thank You! Come Again! d.b.d

GuRU CLAN: P.O. Box 442375 ~ Jacksonville, FL 32222
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