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Posted: Dec 1, 2016 @ 11:49am
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This is my second review, first one, 2015 budget pc salt edition is here :

( http://pastebin.com/ATqLf79t )

If you want to hear something else, but performance report, here's an amazing review by
Gondamar : http://steamcommunity.com/id/gondamar/recommended/225540/


TL;DR version :

If you liked previous 2 games, own a decent gaming build, then buy XL version of this if it's on sale. You can try to get this game if you have less powerful rig, but only at your own risk and ability to refund it if any problems arise. Here's my "recomended specs" :
( i5-i7 4th gen and up ) ,
Over 8gb of ram ( 12-16 ),
Decent gpu ( with over 2gb of vram ).

If it still runs bad ( that is uncommon, but possible ) : refund it.


Full :

Welp, this game came a long way since it's release, not a performace wise mind you, but with amount of content and a cool stuff you get from XL edition. New storylines, new guns, new vehicles, new missions, new islands, jetpack, it's all good fun, especially if you get it on sale ( which i do recommend ).

While it's all well and good, this game runs abysmal on budgets gaming systems ( and sometimes on real gaming pc's ). It took me a substantial upgrade to finally and truly enjoy this game. I had this game on day one ( and then got a refund ), and apart from initial graphical glitches it ran absolutely horrible, stuttered every 2 seconds, slowed down time, skipped frames.

My old sytem was :

AMD Athlon x4 860k @3.8Ghz
r9 380 2gb
8gb of DDR3 Ram at 1866Mhz.

Whatever system specs page says is a bull, you cannot run this game smoothly at 8gb of ram. After relatively short amount of time game will get well over 8gb of ram, for me it's ~9.1gb of ram ( with nothing but steam running on background ) after 10 minutes of play. Here's some data from MSI Afterburner ( RivaTuner ) :


You can see that game chews up almost 9gb of ram after just a few minutes of playtime, and it will get worse, ~10gb after few hours if you travel a lot. Not only that, but CPU load is 100% on all 4 cores at relatively empty area with nothing going on.

Same goes for VRAM, i've tested this game on my old r9 380, it plays well, but again, after some time game will chew up more than 2gb of vram even at 768p.

Next one is CPU requirement. This game is brutal when it comes to CPU, i own no game that loads up CPU to 100% at most of the times ( even gta 5 doesn't do that ), except Cities : Skylines, which is a huge city simulator. But i can see why that is. There's a lot of going on in this game, a lot of realtime physics simulations, AI, huge detailed explosions and other particle effects, physics based destruction, all of that is really hard to pull off. So make sure you have decent CPU to handle it all. I might suggest that my CPU ( i5 4570s ) might be a little bit too weak in super complex exploding action situations, consider it as a minimum when you pick up this game.

As for GPU, well, it's hard to tell, just make sure you have something decent and have over 2gb of vram, it doesn't matter AMD or Nvidia, though Nvidia cards run this game better.


Oh, yeah, game is very fun too, if you liked previous game you'll like this one too quite a bit. Even though unlocking upgrades system will drive you mad at first.

Hope this helped, if you ever pick this game up, then have fun c:

If you want to hear something else, but performance report, here's an amazing review by
Gondamar : http://steamcommunity.com/id/gondamar/recommended/225540/

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Advanced Dec 4, 2016 @ 10:39am 
Gunship Mark II Dec 4, 2016 @ 9:09am 
I see, no worries, i'll correct my review too, to avoid further confusion, thank you c:
Advanced Dec 4, 2016 @ 8:31am 
The comment i made wasn't targeted on you, if it kinda looked like it i'm very sorry than ;), but yes, I do agree with your review, i was just scrolling down and saw the line '' you NEED these specs or above to run the game properly'' This was my fault. I did read the review now and totally changed my mind. Excuse me.
Gunship Mark II Dec 4, 2016 @ 5:32am 
Game runs relatively fine on my new build right now, but it was a horrible experience on my old one, which was slightly above minimum specs. There's nothing "cool" to show off with generic gaming rigs, unless you're rocking 4way sli and some kind of overkill cpu, you got it totally wrong.

If you'd done a little bit of research ( and actually read my review more than just a few lines ), you'd knew that there's a lot of people struggling to get decent performance out of this game with 8gb of ram and decent cpu's/gpu's combo. There's also an image in review on which you can clearly see that game uses more than 8gb of ram ( around 9-10gb after ~1h of play ).

Read some pinned topics in discussions, one of them is made by me over a year ago. Not sure what exactly you've tried to prove by your comment, in a review made to help people to decide, before buying the game, from someone who dealt with this game on a few builds before.
Gunship Mark II Dec 4, 2016 @ 5:32am 
You're one of the luckiest then ( or just a great story teller ), in my expirience I had major problems with weaker CPU and 8 gigs of ram, that was the culprit in my old system. People with overkill systems have horrible performance problems too, fps drops to 15 and lower. Here's a video from my old system with 8 gigs of ram and old cpu : I don't enjoy playing games like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtmNlcKNQA4

Obviously not everyone on planet earth is you, and not everyone of us loves to play games with choppy framerates, especially on decent gaming systems which surpass minimum/recommended specs. I'm sure you're getting most of your system with this game right now, but the fact that this game is very unstable performance-wise all across different builds is still an undeniable fact. This a review, I am not showing off my specs, i am telling my own experience with this game on 2 different systems, so people would know what to expect with similar specs.
Advanced Dec 4, 2016 @ 1:24am 
I dont agree with you saying that you NEED those specs or above. I'm playing JC 3 with an GTX 750 Ti, I3-3250 , 8gb ram just fine, i honestly dont care about the fps in these sort of games with huge explosions / maps... I think that people are just trying to showcase they're specs to look cool meanwhile they can run the game perfectly.. It's just an dorky excuse