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I'm a 36 year old gamer (كيمر لو دبس؟). My first language is Iraqi Arabic, but I also speak English very well (I hope). If you speak either of the two or care for achievements (especially co-op oriented), do not hesitate to add me.

Please check my Steam page for my personal trading guidelines. Would appreciate it if you could at least give them a skim read.
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Regarding Perfect Games:
List of my 100% games []

I'm extremely proud of this number as I have my own family now, still play games for non-achievement-hunting fun, and never cheat the way most of the top Steam achievement hunters do. I never used (and never will) SAM, modified game files, custom/achievement servers, and/or save files to get 100%'s.

However, there are a couple of exceptions; I played on a custom server to achieve my final achievement for Left 4 Dead before realising that the method was too convoluted. I also used the X method in The Stanley Parable because that certain damn achievement was so unfair (I know, not an excuse).

There are few other instances involving save files, but they happened before me becoming an achievement hunter, and those were for games that I never did 100%.

Why am I clarifying this? Because some of the top achievement hunters on Steam do consider manipulating game files (no matter what the extend is) fair game, while calling legit shortcuts, such as changing the system clock, cheating. Why most of them are okay with it? Probably a simple case of herd mentality; most of them know that it's too late to change the corrupt system now.

Anyway, if you are a perfectionist who enjoys hunting for achievements, never think of this as wasting your time. I prefer 100% a single great game than playing several others no matter how good they are. As long as you are having fun, nothing else matters. Good luck and good hunting!
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Regarding Trading (updated on 08/04/17):

The following are my rules of trading. You may not like them, but please take them into consideration when trading with me.

1. On Steam, I'm a gamer first and foremost, so please keep trading discussions and offers to my trade pages on Barter [] or SteamTrades []

2. I'm interested in any game I don't have, as long as it is not being given for free at the time of sending the offer.

3. I value games based on supply and demand, G2A prices, and whether they are on my or your wishlist.

4. I do not accept alpha/beta keys, unless it can be shown to me that it will never get removed from library.

5. Please leave some rep here [] after our first successful trade. I will almost always leave you one as well (please remind me if I don't).

6. I will not go first if you don't have a better Steam profile than mine. These are the things that make a good profile in my eyes ordered by importance; number of trades on Barter, rep on Steamgifts, number of games, badge level, and finally profile age.

7. If you keep declining my offers of wishlist games for no convincing reason, you will most likely be added to my ignore list to save us both time.

8. Will do the same to traders who keep letting checked offers expires. There is a huge difference between not liking an offer and ignoring it.

9. If you haven't developed the game yourself, or are not giving it away for free, you have no say whatsoever on what I do with it after we trade. I may activate it, trade it, sell it, or eat it for all you care.

10. If you accept an offer, please add/tell me as soon as possible, if possible. I will do the same when I accept your offer.

11. Please let me know when you accept my friend-request. Aside from it being the logical and civilised thing to do, this is not Facebook, and Steam will not notify me when you accept.

12. If I'm going first and you are offline at the time of me accepting your trader offer or friend request, I will leave you the keys in the chat window. Would appreciate it if you do the same when you are going first. No need for the wait for both of us to be online.

13. If you change your mind after an offer has been accepted, it is completely fine by me to cancel the trade. But please, do tell me as soon as possible.

14. Unless you think it's a massive deliberate lowball, please don't complain or ask me to explain why I sent you a certain offer. If you don't like it, decline or counter.
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