Sean   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I play games online with my friends. We suck at Rocket League. You should feel bad when you lose to us. Unless you're also bad at Rocket League. Then keep that chin up. I believe in you. Soon you'll be good enough to feel bad about losing to us.
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Codex 29 lipca 2017 o 18:12 
+rep nice trader
Nilsson 22 kwietnia 2017 o 8:14 
+rep nice trader!
26+6=1 19 listopada 2016 o 10:42 
This guy is a bad teammate. He is so bad at Rocket League that I got so mad while playing with him that I went out and sucker punched a guy on the sidewalk and he didn't even help me fight him after. Whatever happened to looking out for your team!?!? He just stood there all like "Dude, stop struggling and listen to him, he's a cop!! What are you doing!?!?" ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Plus he whiffs a bunch in Rocket League.