Tom   Massachusetts, United States
Experience (6s):
etf2l S20 - UAGH (Demo main)
etf2l S21 - UAGH (Pocket main)

UGC Steel S21 - Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Teams (Pocket main)
UGC Steel S22 - Ignorant Intellectuals (Pocket main)
UGC Steel S23 - Low Health Heroes (Roamer Main)
UGC Platinum S24 - Asian (Team Died)
UGC Silver S25 - isnep (Roamer Main) (Team Died)

ESEA Open S27 - Weeb Only Zone (Pocket Main) (Team Died)
ESEA Open S28 - JoshEsports (Pocket Main)
ESEA Open S29 - Cumber Crew (Pocket Main)

TFTV New Map Cup - Boys Lunch Club (Roamer Main)
RGB Lan 3 - GTO (Pocket Main)

BEAT A THOT WIT MY BIBLE: theres only 1 gender dickmunch

Gritoma: we beat a regional inner city team 27-0
gggggggggggggggr: damn
gggggggggggggggr: nice
gggggggggggggggr: theyre black
gggggggggggggggr: so you did good
Gritoma: their best player was philipino
gggggggggggggggr: whatever

rcrogue: calc is like...dirty ghetto booty

Starry Nebulae: Jerking off to a Nike
Starry Nebulae: I meant to say anime but that works as well

tommy himslef:
tommy himslef: hey
tommy himslef: its a grit tweet
Gritoma: :(
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Annie, are you ok? 12 hours ago 
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me vs my evil slef Jan 4 @ 1:09am 
If you have read and understood these points, you must confirm this by writing me a comment on my Steam profile, as follows(Do not include text surrounded by < > ): *Puts my hands on your boobs< Or♥♥♥♥♥ whichever you prefer >* "I swear my loyalty and affiliation to you!". This is a must, and removal of this comment later will result in me revoking this standing, should I have given it to you. Making this pledge in private chat between you and I alone does not count and will be disregarded. This is to prove to me that you do not fear showing others that your loyalty lies with me.
Jarool Dec 4, 2018 @ 6:50pm 
im interested to your stuff's so i added you to trade, and im willing to overpay for just the sake of my collection. so accept me to discuss!
hoodmonster Dec 3, 2018 @ 12:27pm 
i am so sorry for this path we set you on
Yari Nov 25, 2018 @ 1:37am 
lan :vaporwave:
murkscribe Oct 19, 2018 @ 4:00am 
Added cause lan