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Jun 19 @ 1:55am
In topic Any news on Serious Sam 2 remake?
Well they did say that SS2R(serious sam 2 reboot) is coming,but when? Idk
Edit: this is fake, i don't see the sky wallpaper.
Jun 11 @ 7:52am
In topic No News for a YEAR
yea info on what is being implemented that has not been shown in older SS games would be good, just remove the wallpaper pls
Jun 11 @ 5:47am
In topic No News for a YEAR
thank you for explaining danny, it is just that i am a big fan and i don't want SS4 to be bad, i want the game to be as polished as possible, i was just sad about E3s.
Jun 11 @ 5:22am
In topic Anyone actually excited?
Originally posted by Vulpes_Inculta:
Not excited. Looks very cartoonish, takes away from the violence and the grittiness.
it just has more vivid colors idk what you are talking about
Jun 11 @ 5:15am
In topic Anyone actually excited?
Originally posted by ^_Komamon_^:
I am, but the price is absurdly high
you should be thankful it is not more expensive my dude, every modern exciting game with modern graphics can be more expensive than this.
Jun 11 @ 3:29am
In topic No News for a YEAR
Originally posted by IIIIDANNYIIII:
Originally posted by Wiso2kinfinity:
They made a mistake announcing it to the public last year and tricking people into believing that we'll get news last e3, now we and them are paying the price for that stupid decision, they shouldn't have released that teaser on yt.
To be fair, we have released tons of news last year at E3 through journo previews.
I'm sure you read some of them at least.

Originally posted by Jhinius:
I am pretty sad, i had such high hopes when they announced the game to release in early 2019...

We never really announced the release date. We said we were "aiming for some time 2019", but this was never set in stone. Development is impossible to predict.
yes but the news were delayed because it was journalists only preview, most of us wanted to see SS4 on E3 not on the website from journalist!
Jun 9 @ 1:51pm
In topic No News for a YEAR
I am pretty sad, i had such high hopes when they announced the game to release in early 2019, but after them not showing stuff on e3 showed that they didn't expect the game was gonna come out underdeveloped, in my opinion after they saw the game for themselves they knew that showing it would dissapoint us because the leaked footages were so bad in terms of graphics and stuff. Maybe this is what is happening right now aswell and that is why they are not coming on this year's e3.
Jun 9 @ 6:42am
In topic Serious Sam 4 at E3 2019?
remember that they promised to see us at E3 but on last year's E3 they showed the game behind closed doors (meaning they only showed it to the journalists), and in this year they said that they are nor coming on E3. this type of ♥♥♥♥ is what kills the hype.
Jun 6 @ 11:37pm
In topic No News for a YEAR
Originally posted by SkullDust:
Worst thing you can do is add pressure to developers. Sometimes it's best to remain silent about development. That way when it's done, there's so much content for consumers to take in and be satisfied with.

Think about it. Would you rather Croteam post weekly updates, showcasing everything they're doing, or would you rather know nothing until it launches? Which will have a bigger impact? Which will add more of a surprise to the game?

It's almost like movie trailers. Why not just skip those and watch the movie when it premiers? It's better to jump into something unknown rather than knowing what to expect.

Give these devs a break.
About the bigger impact you are right but there is one thing, if you don't give info on when it will be released the hype usually dies down, which happened now, the hype is dead because they promised to inform us on E3s but on every E3 they gave us nothing, last year it was journalists only info, this year they are straight not coming on E3, like seriously! The hype is dead, my hopes are that atleast they will release it in 2021
Jun 6 @ 11:53am
In topic No News for a YEAR
Originally posted by mil4n:
Originally posted by Jhinius:
He is
uhm no he is not. you cant just point finger at somebody and be like "why cant you be like the others?" what is terepin,croteams father ,parent what? company has its way of working,astronauts have their way of working.Dont get me wrong im a huge painkiller *black edition fan not that cashgrab had remake abomination* and i do think that the astronauts have an ambitious project,but this is ridicilous what you guys propose.Yeah,you have right for your opinnion,but It feels like you guys force way to much your opinion,pushing it down other people throats.
I only agree to the opinion, and also you know that some opinions can be countered by facts and such?
Jun 5 @ 9:19pm
In topic No News for a YEAR
Originally posted by mil4n:
Originally posted by PootisMayo:
Though Terepin is right.
He is
Jun 4 @ 12:02pm
In topic Serious Sam 4 at E3 2019?
Originally posted by Terepin:
Maybe they will make another puzzle game from its development.
Maybe they scrapped SS4 and started making The Talos Principle 2 xd
Jun 4 @ 5:44am
In topic Serious Sam 4 at E3 2019?
Originally posted by Solais:
Reboot develop blue was in April, so yeah. Currently nothing on E3. Not yet known about Gamescom.
oh i think i read an earlier post :/
Jun 4 @ 5:11am
In topic Serious Sam 4 at E3 2019?
Originally posted by PootisMayo:
Originally posted by adz:
how come?
This is relevant, but was posted half a month ago.
on their official site they said something at them sharing SS4 stuff on Reboot Develop Blue later this year. europe's version i guess.
Originally posted by adz:
well, Microsoft /Bethesda are making a come back to steam pretty much their catalogue is coming to steam. i just hope croteam will do this move for the consumer. i really would love to see serious sam 4 on all platforms including steam. just like Microsoft is doing.
let's hope
Originally posted by Tayzor Azul:
Originally posted by PootisMayo:
It's not wrong to discuss Antialiasing in games like Serious Sam, you know. Terepin really is telling the truth about AA in Serious Sam being pretty flawed.
Who cares mate ? Its a old school classic. You don't see people complain why Doom the original is pixelated now do ya ? Serious Sam does not need AA since it has to many enemies and open areas. That would tax the hardware and we do not want another Crysis like game that kneels your PC after 10 minutes of gameplay.
Dude it is ♥♥♥♥ing 2019 wtf are you saying, if you don't want to "tax" your performance there are always options in the modern games to turn off AA, skyboxes and such.
Originally posted by Ariesraptor:
Originally posted by Killroy was here:
No it don't need the craptastic battle royale. If you want that go play fortnite or pubg or dota or the 1000 other games that are battle royale. Serious sam is a serious game and serious games don't have battle royale. Not every game has to have battle royale.
Also if you think about it, it is a battle royale game anyways it's one vs thousands.


I agree, Serious Sam is good enough on its own, it doesn't need a battle royale mode, that will be ridiculous.
I am just saying that if they release a battle royale mode, i hope it would be against aliens and not players i would enjoy that.
May 20 @ 7:32am
In topic Can't install mods
i have and i want the solution aswell, will get to you if i have a solution.
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