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Just kinda repping my first and favorite choice of ACE Academy, Kaori Itami
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"Some people eat chicken tenders. Me? I diddle kids." - RadCarnival

"I like to dress up as a Furry and I love to receive anal." - RadCarnival

"3:49 PM - Hype: Have fun and don't put the dick in unless you can cover it or a child
3:50 PM - Hype: ...what do you mean
3:50 PM - Hype: calling me a pedo?" - Hax

“Some cocks can't be unsucked.” - Spindale

"poolic" - Deku

"I like how I said 'Bondage Dark Elf' and you knew what I was talking about. And that somewhat scares me." - Deku

"See, down here in the South, if you don't respect your family, you don't get to breathe." - The Chazz-ster

"I just wanna splat some children and make them scream." - Mac

"I'm gonna shit kids; I am Zeus." - Mac

"I started out as a level 1 Cuck, and now I'm a level 69 Cuck! I even cucked Handsome Cuck!" - Chazz it up!

"Make yourself some pancakes! Mix the ba- Awww" - Assassin Spy

"I just abused a child, and I don't feel bad about it." - The Chazz

"I just absorbed a child, and I don't feel bad about it." - Assassin Spy

"Add me saying add that to your wall! And then, add me saying that as if I said that!" - Assassin Spy

Mac OS-X - Today at 8:10 PM

"I'm all alone, and I just want some cocklate... No! Chocolate!" - Mac OS-X

"I love lynching people en masse." - Deku

"I'm gonna get my cock clean-clock cleaned!" - Deku

"I want the Diamond Penis." - The Chazz

“This is so sad, can we hit three women?” - Mac OS-X

"Why am I so fucking wet?" - Mac OS-X

"My kids tell me I have Buddha tits, and my wife proved it." - Mac OS-X

ClearanceCinnamon - Today at 12:13 AM

"Brig-yeet!" - Deku

"How'd you make me, dad?" - Deku's child
"I fucked your mom, shitlips" - Deku

"damn right home brew stew jew" - Finale

“Doctor, I want you to put thumbs on my tits!” - Mac OS-X

"Why is my dad retarded?" - Mac OS-X's son

"Yo shit, is that a snake with legs?!" - Me
"...You mean a lizard?" - Deku

Wish-tar Come True - Today at 6:33 PM
Fuck your chairs
Chairs are for shittin'
Not sittin'

"Create a pedophile..." - Deku
"Did you just say 'create a pedophile?'" - Me
"Yes, Create a Pedophile. My pedophile will surpass all other pedophiles. Anyone who does not understand will be lynched. Or touched. But only other pedophiles get touched. A pedophile of pedophiles, if you will... Guess that'd actually be a rapist, though, wouldn't it?" - Deku

"I don't want to fuck with Elizabeth Bathory." - Deku
"Oh, you only have to fight her once, then you don't have to deal with her again for like, ever." - Me
"Oh, I'm gonna clean her cock- CLOCK!" - Deku

"Oh, Sweet Dream." - Deku
"Elizabeth Bathory?" - Me
"Yeah...Oh, it's post-coitus." - Deku
"What." - Me
Deku proceeds to laugh hysterically while I ponder my life.

"I have a semen mask" - Demillow

"I regret giving you all that meter, though." - Me
"Allll according to plan..." - Scott
"What do you mean?" - Me
"Alllll according to plan..."
*Goku Blue flies out, proceeds to raw level 3*
*Connection has been lost.*

"But why are you running on stolen Nitro?" - Me
"I'm not, I was never gifted one, I was never in the Kool Kux Klan" - Scott
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