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ay cousin let's go bowling
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Jul 17 @ 3:38am 
Akio Jul 17 @ 3:35am 
tone' Jul 16 @ 3:32pm 
*notices you are a furry* OwO w-w-would you like to join m-my erotic role play discord? *nuzzles*
Jul 12 @ 6:05am 
h-h-hey s-sexy? *nervously coughs* I was uhm *nervously looks arround* wondering if youd be up to uhm *loosens shirt because of heat* youd be up to go out on a d-date sometime?
y-you know you're not like most girls aha... I mean if I was your boyfriend I'd uhm *coughs* g-give you the l-love you deserve, accept my friend request...
May 7 @ 4:17pm 
+rep pro medic never dropped
tone' May 7 @ 4:09pm 
+rep best medic main never drops