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hitmarker Jul 9 @ 6:00pm 
alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump; -attack; -attack2"

alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
-M2 Jul 9 @ 12:06pm 
-rep insulted my mother
-deLete- Jul 8 @ 10:53pm 
ur aveage canadian shitter, another bot with slightly better movement
-M2 Jul 8 @ 12:26pm 
Happy Birthday Big Boy!! Remember that time we were using my moms measuring tape to measure our gains? And once we ran out of muscles to measure the only thing left was to measure our cocks? So first we did it flacid but the numbers weren't very impressive so we decided we better try it with boners. But you were shy and didn't wanna jerk it in front of me to get hard so you asked if I could do it for you?! lol and then I was still bigger so you said it was because I give shitty hand jobs! haha anyways I cant wait to get drunk with you later and measure our dicks! Love you buddy
hitmarker Jul 7 @ 7:19pm 
alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump; -attack; -attack2"

alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
SeidtzTwo Jun 27 @ 5:13am 
Hello, I quit csgo trading and csgo at all(cause of last update on opskins) so I want to collect as much graffities as possible(just for fun). I trade my Karambit Doppler for 6-10 sealed graffities, cases or trash skins, so just send me tradeoffer. My link in my profile