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Gr3ylok 25 MAY a las 7:30 a. m. 
That comes down to 1.11 refined metal (€0.04?) for 1 sack of gems €0.20, ye pass.
Dark Raccoon 13 MAY a las 9:30 a. m. 
Hey bro, I was wondering if I could buy your trading cards, emoticons, backgrounds with Scrap X:) [also 100 gems for 1 scrap]
Send a friend request if you are interested
Tio Tiago 13 MAY a las 9:29 a. m. 
+rep :HentaiGirlLinda_like:
RaiNBowMaSS 11 MAY a las 6:34 a. m. 
+rep. Good trader
🆂🅷🅰🅳🅼🅰🅻 9 MAY a las 8:06 p. m. 
Arnas 5 MAY a las 3:02 a. m. 
+rep good trader