Gotaki   New South Wales, Australia
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Unusuals owned (at one point):
Buckaroos Hat: Orbiting Planets
Plug-In Prospector: Orbiting Planets
Charmer's Chapeau: Blizzardy Storms
Backwards Ballcap: Stormy Storm
Sultan's Ceremonial: Cloud 9
Familiar Fez: Nuts 'n' Bolts
Rimmed Raincatcher: Bubbling [SCAMMED OFF]
Bombing Run: Nuts 'n' Bolts [SCAMMED OFF]
Plug-In Prospector: Terror-watt
Rimmed Raincatcher: Smoking
Copper's Hard Top: Bubbling
Milkman: Nuts 'n' Bolts

Most Unusuals owned at once: 4

Knives Owned (at one point):
★ Gut Knife | Forest DDPAT (FT)
★ Gut Knife | Scorched (FT)
★ Gut Knife | Urban Masked (FT)
★ Gut Knife | Safari Mesh (FT)
★ Gut Knife | Crimson Web (FT)
★ Huntsman Knife | Safari Mesh (BS)
2x ★ Flip Knife | Night (BS)
★ Flip Knife | Urban Masked(WW)
★ Flip Knife | Stained (WW)
★ Flip Knife | Boreal Forest (FT)
2x ★ Gut Knife | Case Hardened (WW)
★ Butterfly Knife | Stained (WW) (FT)
★ Bayonet | Urban Masked (MW)
★ Flip Knife | Safari Mesh (FT)
★ Gut Knife | Blue Steel (WW)
★ Flip Knife | Stained (FT)
★ Huntsman Knife | Forest DDPAT (FT)
★ Butterfly Knife | Boreal Forest (Well-Worn)
★ Bayonet | Safari Mesh (BS) (FT)
★ Falchion Knife | Scorched (FT)

Most knives owned at once: 2
This guy scammed me 2 unusuals: my unusual nuts and bolts bombing run and my bubbling raincatcher with paint, name tag and spell

A post talking about my unusual lost:
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Useduse: 2005-2009
PandaPiller: 2010-2014
Gotaki:2015-current (Current Steam Name)
$h@d0wNecr0m@ncer: Ex-Steam Username

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"Publiclir Lekr0" (Fnatic now)

In-Game: Playing or Trading
Online: Feel free to talk to me or what ever
Away: I wouldn't be able to talk to you instantly
Busy: I'm busy...(what did you expect)
Snooze: I'm pretty much asleep or really far away from my computer
Offline: Dead or sleeping

TF2: 3000 hours at 3/18/2017

[X] 500 games (20th of Nov. 2017)
[ ] 1000 games
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15.9 Hours played
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