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geese are pretty fucking great
what do you think of geese?
I fucking love geese.
This one time a goose gave me oral pleasure.
It hurt but it was great.
What about you?
Do geese build your copmputers?
I know mine do.
Signed, a goose

lolllololollll im a butt face nooby butty thingy thing - Jingles

A click of the mouse, papa's in the house - Papa John

Spit I swear to god i'm going to punt you into the Grand Canyon - Goose

i am a 12 Year Old Male, still Single (xD) - Haus the Plague Doctor

First you bait them, and then you punch em' in the testicles - Goose

I don't fuck dios, I tenderly caress them - Eileen

tell spit that im going to smash her testicles with a sledgehammer - Goose


I will replace every single brick in Auschwitz with wax, put cats in it, light it on fire, and sell the cats to children. - Toast

I just want to see the weed factory again - Toast

Did you just fucking say horsecock city? - Goose

I'm gonna eat a fuckin lightbulb? - Goose

We never joke when it comes to peepees - Nut Landan

Hang on, i'm logging into christian mingle - Goose

Its going to take 10 more xboxes to kill me! -Goose

*at the zoo, by the beavers* Oh they might be by the darn -Goose

Knight like snorted 10 lines of crack so he could play don't cross the line -Goose

I'm 2 years old and I'm a ugc plat heavy main -Goose

You grab a hobo and you put it into your bank account -Goose

I've never masturbated in my entire life -Fustuv

What the hell does bruh my yeet even mean? -Me

I never noticed this, but I have quite the ass -Nut

You can't be meaty if you don't got no meat -Nutter

I don't have enough room for the giant banana -Goose

Goose: I suddenly don't want to die

Eileen: Hey
Eileen: Thats incest

Eileen: I want Camilla to sit on my face give me a big hug

⠀: almost as bad as splatoon porn before the game was even out
❄Spitfire❄: I was ok with that
⠀: i know you were you dirty Anemone

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Hey we have similar names lol
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why do i even have a steam if all i do is play free games