Man with a nice coat
If I'm gonna be wrong, at least I'll never be right.
I'm actually an idiot.
"Why did I do this, what is wrong with me, this is so dumb."- my life in 3 sentences

Proud leader and Spy main of Bright New Future Highlander.
Season 17 Silver (3-5)
Season 19 Silver (4-4)
Season 20(now 3NF) (ded)
Season 22 Silver (5-3)
Season 24 Silver (main engi/med) (5-3)

Other HL stuff:
S23: Main engi for q!k (5-5)
S25: Main med and leader for Blasphemy (0-2)

my ugc profile page:

In case of emergency, here's a lenny:
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Mantis Toboggan, M.D.: they are on to us
Mantis Toboggan, M.D.:

10:50 PM - homeless:
10:50 PM - homeless: me irl
10:50 PM - Toady Swift: I'm that black and white cat that just walks by
10:50 PM - Toady Swift: and is like
10:51 PM - Toady Swift: oh shit
10:51 PM - Toady Swift: I better help him
10:51 PM - homeless: LOL
10:51 PM - Toady Swift: than I'm like oh wait is that Naruto on!?!?
10:51 PM - Toady Swift: and I run away
10:51 PM - Toady Swift: Pert's the dog in the background
10:51 PM - Toady Swift: he's just like I'm high as a kite
10:51 PM - homeless: stoned and sleeping
10:51 PM - Toady Swift: is this real life?
10:52 PM - homeless: LOL
10:52 PM - homeless: im done
10:52 PM - homeless: hahaha
10:52 PM - Toady Swift: thats the story of BNF
10:52 PM - Toady Swift: Pills is the white xbox controller on the coffee table
10:52 PM - Toady Swift: he's the whitest of us all let's be honest

Charizard: I picked fuzzy handcuffs because you said shekels!
Pills: Those are shackles you fuck!

"You'll know it's not there if you don't see it"- Pills

4pool {♥}: The insomnia feels. When you're left alone with the one guy in the room you can't stand.
Need more late night friends: indeed. This is some 2016 shit right here.
Need more late night friends: 2016 shit with 1980's music in the background while dreaming about 2027, and questioning why I had 3 garlic knots at 4 AM. Life is indeed but a simple numbers game.
4pool {♥}: A numbers game where everything you do leads to the same result.
4pool {♥}: Indeed, you'd be right here if you had had only 2 garlic knots just the same.
Need more late night friends: I suppose so, however the outcome later on would be completely different.
4pool {♥}: Would it?
Need more late night friends: Had I only eaten 2 of the aforementioned garlic knots, I would still have another left over.
4pool {♥}: Would it really?
Need more late night friends: Hence my destiny would ultimately be guided elsewhere, be it ever so slightly
4pool {♥}: And even if you only ate 2 garlic knots, Trump would still be president.
4pool {♥}: So it didn't exactly change world war 3.
Need more late night friends: This is true. But in the simmering wastelands, there may very well be just yet 1 more garlic knot, perhaps crucial to some young hero's survival. I may have doomed the entire planet with my actions.
4pool {♥}: Fitting, I think.
Need more late night friends: indeed. And perhaps said adventurer would instead wind up so desperate for nourishment he would resort to eating insects.
Need more late night friends: Bees perhaps. And maybe he could find 2 since the populations had been dying off for some time.
Need more late night friends: however, in his blind hunger he did not realize that eating bees is not exactly advisable. And perhaps that lone garlic knot could be the only thing capable of preventing the stingers in his body from killing him.
Need more late night friends: All in all, 2 bees, or knot 2 bees.

"I woke up the other day, thinking to myself, 'you know what, there's nothing I need to fear anymore, I am ready for death to take me at any time', and if I'm ready for that, what could be left to fear?"

"You can't spell Christmas without SEPTA."

Joey: Yeah I'm playing pong in VR
Me: Isn't that just tennis
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