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Low-med PCs: 60-120 fps

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Good Nig Nigs

I would fuck this person
Birty (Also my Brother)
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Hot 4:40:0
nigga rage cuz i did a exploit in his stream

"Lelita: Imagina being so bad at tf2 you have to use an exploit to get any kills at all"

Taunts someone
⚞Donking⚟: Golden, Still salty that i removed you because you're useless and too dumb to speak proper english
^^^^^^ Also he calls himself "one of the best tf2 players in europe" but he doesn't play comp

HattieMcStrifer: I don't know what the fuck is going on but oke'.
·Festive Gölden·: uh
HattieMcStrifer: Well, you're going to be my sex doll, so, let's make this equal.
·Festive Gölden·: no
·Festive Gölden·: reversed
HattieMcStrifer: Well ok.
HattieMcStrifer: Nice to be your sex doll
·Festive Gölden·: hahahhahah
·Festive Gölden·: mine
HattieMcStrifer: I'm yours.~
·Festive Gölden·: yes

Harleyy : spy is 3rd on the list of the low skill class

Sleep: Your profile picture gave me the gay ugh
Sleep: oww daddy why must you pain me with your sharp needles of truth
i thought that was our little secret <:[

Heaven's door: Gold, more like bold
Heaven's door: Golden is so gay that he looks like a chicken

Reby: Hey mister gold daddy
Reby: can i be on your cool kids club

Danny TT: Let's have cyber sex

Silver·: ヽ(。◕ ‿ ◕。)ヽ Hey, daddy golden. Today I will make you a men.

♥Moon Moon♥: wtf
♥Moon Moon♥: pls
♥Moon Moon♥: stop
♥Moon Moon♥: i hate u
♥Moon Moon♥: <3
·Gölden·: oof
♥Moon Moon♥: i love u
♥Moon Moon♥: <3<3
·Gölden·: no homo
♥Moon Moon♥: *dab*

卂 千 ㄖ 乂: How can u do that
·Gölden·: hold up
卂 千 ㄖ 乂: That's smart
卂 千 ㄖ 乂: XD

GR33N_B3λST_sk: what is happen with ur gams

Guvy: golden ffs stop doing that gay shit
·Gölden·: yes
·Gölden·: donut gay porn
Guvy: daddy golden pls show
Guvy: no homo tho

Dark Freeman: YO
Dark Freeman: STOP

Sketches: I see you playing hentai
Sketches: ecksdee
·Gölden·: dont tell mom

zhaolin7777: oooooo im tellin the fbi

A Paint Bucket Named Huey: FBI: don't fucking move

Dat Putin: wtf
Dat Putin: Child porn
·Gölden·: don't tell mom
Dat Putin: ok
Dat Putin: wow lol

GethDeath: wth are y playing xd
·Gölden·: with you
GethDeath: xd
GethDeath: how u do that
·Gölden·: shhhh
GethDeath: allright
GethDeath: show me the way
GethDeath: O:
GethDeath: ur smart

Chijiro: if that's real
Chijiro: i can die in peace now
Chijiro: your secret is where you get all the money you spent on steam?
Chijiro: i think you are wrong
Chijiro: according to google
·Gölden·: no
Chijiro: that's the guide to make a younger boy than you to constantly react to the .exe files you put in your steam library
Chijiro: nO

sleep: two gays make a straight

sleep:"I watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure." The class is shocked at my overwhelming intelligence. "... how? I can't even understand its sheer nuance and subtlety." "Well...Yare Yare Daze..." One student laughs, and I turn to see who the fellow genius is. It's none other than Yoshikage Kira.

10:31 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: hm
10:31 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: golden golden
10:31 - gillette fusion pro glide: yes
10:31 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: with a cock
10:32 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: Felt a breeze
10:32 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: Up the
10:32 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: hm
10:32 - gillette fusion pro glide: yes.
10:32 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: big titty rack filled with nacho cheese burritos
10:32 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: he took a bite
10:32 - gillette fusion pro glide: dies
10:32 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: but it was vegetarian
10:32 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: and so he dabbed
10:32 - 「NineVolt」Sp.bound Collector: and died away

Shut up im not a weeb
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ok, i need fps, but removing the textures and having wallhacks ins't the best idea
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Senpapi you gonna eat my soup?!? <3
xXx_DiegoXShadow_xXx Aug 4 @ 7:38pm 
Me dijeron que trataron de asaltarte anoche, y el ladron te dijo: "entrega el poto o tu steam''.. y me alegra que todavia tengas tu steam jajaja. Manda este mensaje a todos aquellos que quieran mucho su steam :)
At Doom's gates Aug 3 @ 5:28am 
i need sex -Sans
[O.S.O][Mobster Reloaded] Jul 30 @ 10:19pm 
Gold man, u need more gold