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This game hurt me in ways I did not expect. It is an absolute masterpiece. Please, experience it for yourself.
Posted July 1.
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Content vaulting paid content is dumb
Posted January 31.
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Early Access Review
TLDR: The new update (Exposition) has completely destroyed the VR experience. The game is not worth consideration in it's current state if you intend to play it in VR.

Intro Statement:
The game has it's fun within the first few hours, but falls off quickly, even faster if you're playing in VR. It still is somewhat enjoyable with friends, or challenges to keep things interesting and dynamic (I understand that challenges are planned, but as to when that will release is very much up in the air).

Core Gameplay:
The core gameplay itself is well thought out, but poorly executed with the current state of the game. The game is supposed to be played slowly, as you gather evidence and the mission builds up tension as more spooky stuff happens, but in the current state of the game it's devolved down to bring every tool into the room where the ghost is and mic spam to get results. I honestly had an easier time getting a ghost to show up by playing All Star on my mic as opposed to using any of the tools the game offers. Hopefully this will be resolved whenever the "Progression Overhaul" releases, but at the time of writing the community has no idea of when that may release.

VR Gameplay / VR Support:
The support for VR in this game is absolutely laughable. As someone who's played since launch (and has suffered through the many stumbles, bugs and poor decisions made for the VR mode) it baffles me how this game's VR is so poorly constructed, even though the game was intended to be a VR GAME WITH SOME DESKTOP SUPPORT from launch. The planned "VR Overhaul", as far as the community is concerned will NOT CHANGE ANYTHING CONCERNING GAMEPLAY and only change the engine from OpenVR to OpenXR, which won't really do much in terms of VR comfort, accessibility or future support. The new update, titled "Exposition" completely broke support for the Valve Index Controllers, almost making it impossible to pick up or hold items (The current patch made the grab set to 100% grip force on at least 3 fingers). I don't want to have to death grip my controllers to hold onto items that I'll probably end up dropping in a room anyways. Arizona Sunshine, a game from 2016, when the original HTC Vive released has BETTER INDEX CONTROLLER SUPPORT than this game in it's current state, although the technology wasn't even close to being ready for launch at the time. Another huge problem that was introduced with Exposition was items being completely off center from your hands in random directions. Your hands in-game hold everything in different way, which seems random but it also doesn't help that every grip you're given is extremely anti-ergonomic and requires you to twist and contort your hands in random directions to make it work. I've tried to use the settings in-game to offset the controllers but it doesn't help whatsoever. Another feature added in Exposition was the new sprint, which is painful to use to say the least. The default setting on Index is to automatically sprint if you move your movement stick 40% or more. No button press, no stick click, just autosprint. There is no option to disable this, and it becomes nauseating since the default move speed is so slow. It makes maps like Asylum and Prison to become unbearable, since you'll be moving at snails pace for 90% of the experience and only slightly faster in pseudo-random bursts of speed. Even myself, someone who has spent nearly a thousand hours in VR, and has played games that range from extreme jank to almost AAA perfection, this game has made me the most sick since launch.

"Horror Game":
Although this game is labelled as a "horror game" and has a lot of horror themes, it's probably the least scary VR horror game I've played. It has it's moments at the beginning, but the "scary-ness" curve falls off a lot faster compared to other experiences. There is currently a single static death animation, which could really be described as someone coming up behind you and covering your eyes for a surprise party. There is a planned "Horror 2.0" update (although there is no planned release date) which I hope might make the game scary again, although we'll see about that when the time comes. A good example of a horror curve would be alien isolation. The game is constantly tense, and although I lost that by the end of the campaign, the incredible VR mod for the game reset the curve as it's almost a new experience, yet familiar. Any "high-level" phasmo player only has to run in, find the ghost room, mic spam until enough evidence is provided and leave. If you are above level 70 in this game, what are you doing with your time? Go touch some grass.

Bugs / Issues:
This section is where I'm going to list a bunch of bugs that deter me from continuing to play the game until they're fixed, as there isn't really a way to report bugs to the devs.
- Items constantly fall through the floor in VR when you drop them (mostly in the van), exacerbated by the new index grip changes
- Sprint controls kick in seemingly at random in VR with the current control scheme
- Item grips are awful and very anti-ergo
- Easily able to clip into walls and become invincible (almost every map)
- Van camera feed is almost unusable, night vision doesn't work and only adds film grain, cameras are useless otherwise
- Index grip controls are terrible, death gripping controllers is not good for the hardware
- Many spots where VR players can get stuck in the floor across all maps
- VR Players still need to walk up stairs backwards to minimize getting stuck on them
- Severe VR FPS drops when loading into levels (If you can drop FPS on my overclocked i9 9900k and 3080 you can get an award, holy crap)
- Lying down IRL or getting clipped into walls while in VR makes you 100% invincible against ghosts while hunting

The Dev Team:
The dev team seems to only be focused on pushing new content, but never going back to fix old bugs or complaints that have been in the game since launch. Bugs such as having to walk up stairs backwards to not get stuck and clipping into walls or even going prone to become invincible are still unfixed, and they won't even be bothered to acknowledge it. With the new changes for index being rolled out, it's 1000% clear in my mind that they don't care anymore, and only want to appeal to a mainstream audience (mainly streamers and content creators) who play on desktop and completely neglect the original VR playerbase. Another small tidbit - there used to be a suggestions channel in their official discord, but it was removed by one of their new art director because "we have gotten too many duplicate suggestions, and if we want future suggestions from the community we will ask for them". This gives me big YanDev vibes (if you remember that whole mess) and it seems to me like they can't take criticism at all and they likely won't ask for suggestions anymore.

Concluding Statement:
The game, in it's current state is laughable in VR and I cannot recommend it to anyone with intensions to experience it in VR. The dev team does not care about VR players in the slightest and refuses to fix problems we've had since launch.
Posted August 31, 2021.
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Please port P5R and other games to PC Atlus.
Posted February 23, 2021.
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The best pack to date!
Posted November 26, 2020.
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Becomes extremely dull after 20-aught hours with the current offerings. Don't get me wrong the game is fun, has it's moments and is 100% worth the $5 CAD price tag, but you can EASILY burn yourself out on this game as have I (Especially after learning tactics like pressing ESC after finish a task to close it faster). Don't be like me, take breaks from this game often.
Posted November 25, 2020. Last edited November 28, 2020.
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Toxic people, as in most pc games. Can't remain in 9/10 matchmade games because the servers randomly kick me
Posted September 18, 2020.
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No weak ♥♥♥♥. My favorite indie of all time, I wish this game was super popular
Posted September 13, 2020.
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It is worth your money please buy it
Posted July 26, 2020.
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Anticheat is a literal virus that doesn't uninstall itself with the game. Can't recommend this in good concience.
Posted May 23, 2020.
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